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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3 weeks

Starting to fall in love with Sacramento.

Ok, the weather has been awesome.

It's spring and it's about 70 degrees and Sunny every day.

The summers are going to be really hot but like anything, I'm sure I can get used to it.

What really surprised me was when it rains here people get really depressed.

The first time I heard someone say what a crummy mood they were in because it was raining- I thought the person was crazy.

The second time... I thought it was weird.

The third time...I questioned if it was a thing.

The fourth time... I realized that Sacramento is a really hot and sunny place and people get depressed when it rains lightly for a day.

Coming from the rainforest... I had different feelings about the rain.

Especially last winter in Humboldt, a rain in Sacramento seemed like nothing to me.

"Oh I can't go outside because it's raining"

"This weather is really getting me down"

"Seriously is it going to rain again... I just can't handle it"

To tell you the truth... that was the lightest winter I have been in, in 5 years.

And Spring.

And the rain doesn't make me depressed at all... it's kinda nice.

They do say Sacramento is one of the happiest places to work in.

Maybe because we get so much sun here?

Speaking of the hot sun... my dad switched out cars with me so now I'm driving a red and black mustang around town. Thank you to my friend's boyfriend who fixed the brake on the tire thing.

It's great and has air conditioning and a radio but it has been sitting in Humboldt for a few years and has a lot of mold in the air filter system.

So I def. got a lung infection.

I like to call it the Humboldt Hack.

That wonderful cough that just doesn't seem to go away.

and A slightly runny nose.

It's kinda nice because it reminds me of home.

I sprayed the entire care with vinegar and my neighbor took his air compressor to the air filter.

and my dad suggested blowing the air conditioner full blast while I'm not in the car to get all the particles moving.

This summer there will be no chance of mold living in the car any longer, but until then It's still moldy.

I also put vinegar in my vaporizer and let it seep into my lungs to kill the mold spores in there.

Jobs are going well. So far I have worked 3 weeks straight without a day off.

Have one more week of on the job training at Results and then I take a test and if I pass I will be on the schedule and move up to full time and benefits... yay.

I will probably keep my restaurant job while I work at the gym just to make some extra money for the moment.

If it gets too crazy I can always leave.

I asked my boss if we can work doubles at the restaurant but he said no.

And then someone called in sick and I pulled a double shift.

and I have another one scheduled this Saturday.

So the restaurant management is happy I'm working there and that I'm willing to help out and step up.

And I met a guy at the press club last Saturday.

We went on a couple dates and are hanging out.

He totally took care of me yesterday when I was sick and now I'm feeling a lot better.

Everything seems to be coming together in SacTown...

And I'm really starting to like it here.

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