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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

You look happy

Today I pulled a double shift.

I have been waiting for weeks to start at Results Transformation Center after I applied and got hired in January and then rejected the job and tried to build a clientele in Elk Grove which failed miserably and then reapplied embarrassingly and waited for my start date (which was today).

(I now introduce myself as the girl who cried at the first interview and then re-interviewed- and everyone in the company knows who I am.

maybe I'm just an attention whore who likes to do things the hard way? I questioned my personality after this behavior- The CEO says it's a good story... I'll take it)

It's been a very humbling couple of months.

But today I started and I finally felt at home at a job.

Plus they have full-time spots open with benefits.

The catch... some shifts are 4:30 am to 11 a.m.

meaning I have to be there at 4:30 to teach the first class at 5 a.m. to help people get their fitness on before work.

This was a reason why I didn't take the job in the first place but working in an office would just kill my soul and I'm so good at motivating people I decided to get over myself. Plus being off at 11 a.m. means I can climb at noon when no one is in the gym...

So this week is training from 9 am - 4p.m. and I picked up a part-time job at the pizza kitchen to support myself while I was waiting for this day.

So it's cool to have two jobs.

I mean the first day of pulling a double shift is cool. Working 9 days in a row with no breaks and just living my life out of balance is my usual spiel until I burn the candle at both ends and just not work for 6 months to recover (which I'm coming out of right now).

But hey at least I know whats coming...

not all days are doubles.

So to celebrate I invited my friends to the lowbrau because I read somewhere on the Internet that they had house music on Monday nights and I didn't party with them last weekend due to my ear infection and they feared I didn't like their drunken messes when we go out but surprisingly they are a couple of wonderful drunks and I enjoy their company.

It would be nice to have some non-drinking friends but you know... whatever.

and I love house music and haven't found a spot in Sac to get down at...

I was wrong... it was Motown. They have house music every other Tuesday.

Well, whatever.

Maybe tomorrow?

My friend said I looked happy and I told her I got a job and finally felt at home in Sacramento.

I counted my blessings for everything today...

the car my dad is letting me use that has air conditioning...
my wonderful new roommate who encourages me to wear make up so I can get a boyfriend...
my new job opportunities and having money in my pocket
another gym to workout at...
a roof over my head...
great friends who don't want to have kids or get married and I can party with for years to come...
a fresh new city with dance floors...
and rain...
my relationships with my family
my health
the fact that I'm single with no kids and I can go dancing every night.

I was just in a good mood and enjoyed the day...

Even though it was slow at the restaurant I got large tables and made some money.

Plus I will be a lot busier and not just be sitting at home in my room which makes me depressed.

And when you are busy you are looking forward to partying because it is just that much sweeter.

Maybe this was what I have been looking for all along?

Thank G-d this gym gave me a second chance...

I should be more forgiving with people and give them second chances as well.

Ear update...

I took out all the stops.

I couldn't hear with all the fluid backed up in my ears for almost 2 weeks.

I rested, drank tea, took an allergy pill, took ibuprofen, took amoxicillin, took colloidal silver (I love the stuff and it can be used for a lot of things), used a vaporizer in my room, chewed gum, ate cloves of garlic whole, and rested for 2 weekends instead of partied.

It worked, I feel better and will be buying local honey with honeycomb to prevent this from happening again.

Now that I got the job at the gym I feel like it's my last week of freedom before the pre-dawn shift and I want to attend a dance party in midtown every night this week just because I can. Plus I'm excited my life is coming together.

When you dance it means you are happy.

Also, I took a tour of the Standford mansion in downtown Sacramento... so much history in that huge place and it was cool to know how much the Standfords contributed to Sac to make it a wonderful place to live.

my tongue feels weird. I had to try alcoholic drinks at work and ever since my sides of my tongue in the back have felt sore... I asked my nurse friend and she had no idea what it meant. Maybe I'm allergic to alcohol and my tongue swells? When I press on it- it feels better. Slight impairment of speech but I can still communicate. Taking two side dish swigs of alcohol def. got me buzzed at work and made it harder but hey its just part of the job.

I have gained 20 pounds since moving to Sacramento. I was 130 and I'm now 150... but I have a nice butt and maybe I was too skinny before?

All I know is these last few months I have learned how to be grateful for everything in this life. 

I conditioned my hair last night.

Had two movie nights with my new roommate ( I was so above watching movies but I caved and watched bridesmaids and some drug trafficking movie)

Not something I want to take up.

I hope to never own a TV in my lifetime.

But spending time with my new roomie as she fell asleep both times while watching the movie I guess this could be considered quality time?

Not my cup of tea but it was the first time I've watched TV/movies in a year so maybe I really have gotten over myself.

Back to results tomorrow...

Thanks... I never knew having a job would make me happy but Hey.

confession: I was seeing this guy who was married and then he dumped me. I have only been dumped by one other guy in my life. It was humbling but I decided it was time to get out more and start doing fun things... even if it's alone. And I gave myself permission to date guys who are single lol... what a concept. I'm sorry to his wife, it was a shitty thing for me to do. But I'm happy he dumped me and they are working it out.

I guess it's all apart of the humbling experience I'm going through.

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