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Thursday, April 5, 2018


allergies to ear infection.

Sacramento is very agricultural (farm to fork capital) and everything must be in bloom because I can barely talk without my voice cracking and me having to clear my throat every 60 seconds.

This happens which I’m training for my new job as a server at CPK of course...

And as the mucus settles into my throat and causes severe pain in my left year as I tried to fall asleep last night... I debated whether to go to the ER or not.

I decided to stick it out.

Took some allergy pills and ibuprofen.

And got my friend to write me a script for amoxicillin.

Another Friend lent me a vaporiser- not for weed but for vaporising the air to help the congestion clear.

This is way worse than Humboldt in the spring time.

Blessed to have a few good friends to help me out.

Otherwise I would have to see a doctor on Monday and would of just died.

Left my Neti pot in humboldt and seriously considered sniffing salt.

But hey I got a job and my first pay check in a long while for $10.76.

It was an amazing day.

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