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Monday, April 2, 2018

Dog Gone IT

Today was the first day in months I didn't wake up to the dog whining.

It was wonderful.

This dog we were fostering for a while was a Straight Out of Humboldt creature (like myself) that didn't really fit into city life.

Shepard/ pit mix with lots of energy and only the training he received was what I could figure out from youtube channels. sit. come.

I would run him 2 miles a day but his incessant pulling, especially if there was a squirrel/bird/cat/dog/person/car/mud puddle/poop/ or anything makes it quite horrible to walk him because it was a 20-minute tug of war with a 80#? dog.

Then I took him to the park- tied him up to a bench so he could learn how to just chill around people... he broke free and started chasing after a man in the park... I ran after him and slipped and fell and then called the dog to me before he could lovingly jump on the man in the park.

The man left the park with his child. I didn't blame him.

So In the spirit of me helping out by being the only person who walked the dog... I had become a neighborhood terror.

When I didn't walk him- he would whine... the more heartbreaking whine you ever heard.

The neighbor's dog would use the bathroom in the house because she was scared of the noises this dog would make.

We put him on craigslist and found a home for him but he was returned within the hour.

I always said the best dog is someone else's.

Man, was I wrong. The best dog is no dog.

I never want to own/foster or care for a dog after this experience.

Who took it?

My landlady's daughter.

We had a huge Easter party and it got to the point that the daughter was so frustrated with her mom in general that she posted the dog on craigslist, her husband took the dog for a walk, and then they just took the dog and said they would find him a new home.

During the party, he was barking, whining and being a puppy.

I'm so happy the dog is gone.

Still keeping the appointment at the shelter, just in case.

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