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Friday, March 30, 2018

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you for all the people that prayed for me to get a job.

It worked.

I applied to a lot of places this last month and just now am I getting responses.

#1. I got a job at California Pizza Kitchen Part time. Starting next week.
#2. I got a job at Results Transformation Center Starting April 16th part time.
#3. I have an interview at 24 hour fitness at 10:30 a.m. today.
#4. I have an interview at 2 p.m. at make a smile to be a receptionist.
#5. I am getting paid to help my neighbor set up his instagram tonight.
#6. 9 round contacted me back for a phone interview.

Super blessed for all opportunities that are coming in my life.

So far I’ve said yes to all of them lol.

When I become attached to things, thoughts, my life and the way I think life should be instead of what it is... then I start suffering and that can be where my spiral of depression sets in.

I have been practising non-attachment and it has not only been a super power but a blessing.

I focus on being happy in the moment- with what is.

It’s been cool and I feel as if I have reached enlightenment.

Suffering is just something that is in my mind.

When I let go of the attachment to suffering I felt my energy and vibes clear and brighten to a new level.


I haven’t worked in 6 months.

Attachment- I’m a loser, what was I thinking, how did this happen, what am I going to do. No one will hire me, I’ll be homeless, I’ll have to move back in to my parents house, I should of taken a job in Redway, I’m so educated and prepared for success how could I fail, no one loves me, it’s safe to hide away and not tell anyone, it’s better to just sit in my room and cry, I’ll just deal by eating sweets and getting fat, I’m not worthy, i fucked up, what’s wrong with me, I’ll never make it...

Non-attachment- we’ll that was a nice break.
 I’m sure the universe has the perfect job for me and it will present itself when I’m ready.
I’m not attached to what I think being successful looks like.
I’m not attached to my thoughts of how I think it should be.

I will just enjoy what is offered to me and accept it graciously.

I have questioned all my thoughts and beliefs.

Life is a blessing and everyday that I can enjoy being present and enjoying life... the better it becomes.

To end all human suffering would be awesome.

But I consciously end my human suffering by being non-attached to the illusion of suffering and I’m enjoying myself.

Why worry?

Do you really think you have control of ANYTHING in this life?

All I can control is my acceptance and non-attachment to all the blessing life has to offer me everyday.

Thank you for the day.

I’m sure the perfect job awaits me.
Preferably with benefits, full time, weekends off to race, great co-workers, great commute and awesome pay.

But I’m not-attached.

What is one thing you could become non-attached to and make your life easier and more enjoyable?

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