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Friday, March 30, 2018


good Friday.

This is the busiest day I’ve had in my entire stay here in Sacramento.

My interview went great at 24 hour fitness.

The best part is that 24 hour fitness just teamed up with Spartan Race.

Match made in heaven?

I think so.

It’s a big box gym with tons of members.

I would have to build up my clientele but with so many members coming in I think I’ll be ok.

So yes finding the perfect job situation is fantastic.

But again I’m not attached.

And when I’m not attached it falls right into my lap.

The best part of this job would be that it’s a half a block away from where my climbing partner works.

I only climb with one person.

My climbing partner and I have built such a wonderful relationship that I told this job I can work in the morning and if I can make it to pipeworks at 4:30pm to climb with Norbert I would be really happy.

Finding the perfect job to fit around your climbing schedule is my biggest concern in my single, 31 year old educated female life at the moment.

My most important relationship in Sacramento is with my climbing partner.

He has been my best friend for my entire stay here in sacramento and I’m creating my life around nurturing the relationship.

Roomates come and go.
Boyfriends come and go.
Friends come and go.
Jobs come and go.

But my relationship with my climbing partner has been my anchor.

And it will continue to be my anchor as long as I’m here.

I have never been with someone who has literally made my life better everyday.

Or made me smarter in Any subject I brought up.

Maybe this post shouldn’t be relationships but to honor the most important relationship I have currently and build off that.

After my interview I went and met his very well behaved dogs and we went to lunch.

It was wonderful :)

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