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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Got my first offer

When I first moved to Sacramento I had a few job offers in gyms.

I turned them down to be an independent contractor in a gym in Elk Grove.

A few months later and no clients I had to reapply to the first gyms.

It's been a rough start in Sacramento but I like it here and have friends and just couldn't move again.

I can see myself staying a long time here and possibly buying a house one day.

Getting back into the job market in March is Hard!

I feel like no one was hiring due to Tax season and that they will start hiring again after April 15th!

I just got an offer at Results! But the work starts April 16th. Minimum wage- part-time.

I am going in for an interview at California Pizza Kitchen today at 2p.m. and I just got an email from 9round.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers.

Now please help me accept the right jobs for me!

Super Blessed.

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