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Sunday, February 25, 2018

San Diego

Made it to the San Diego Hostel.

It's clean and cheap and they feed you breakfast and dinner.

tonight was little caesars pizza.

I didn't know I had a standard of cleanliness until I stayed in a studio Air BNB with 5 other people and there were NO pillowcases on the pillows.

It was gross.

The hostel I'm at now does have pillowcases so I'm happy.

Los Angeles was amazing as I learned how to get over my limiting beliefs about myself and move toward wealth and being open to helping people and reaching my fullest potential.

Also surrounding myself with people who are growing is just a great new energy!

I'm ready to get back to work and serve because I did the work on the inside and know how to charge what I'm worth and valued at.

It's a huge difference and the reason I was so depressed before was the fact that I didn't know my own value.

Why work or even get up to serve when the only thing I was doing was underserving myself????

Now it's time to get back into the game and become a serving member of society once again.


As I dive into my insecurities and internal dialogue- I learn about how I communicate with myself is the most important thing I can do.


This is my first time taking the Greyhound bus.

I like it.

After having ALL my personal belongings taken out of my suitcase multiple times while flying and being tested for bomb material, it is actually quite nice to take a bus where my personal space isn't violated.

You just show up, get in line, board the bus (No crying babies!) and get off.

No going through all my stuff, taking off my shoes, and going through a machine.

I like to sit in the front row.

The bus is quiet and it's easy to nap.

Plus you are on the ground the entire time.

Also, it's super cheap. Like $100 round trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles to San Diego and back up to Sacramento.


Being in a hostel is kinda weird.

I'm staying in a dorm with 6 other beds and a "bear cave" private room which is in the closet.

Again it's cheap. like $25/night cheap and beats staying in a hotel by the convention center (10 minute walk).

Plus just being around people is nice.

I'm still getting out of my Humboldt culture where I was not surrounded by a lot of people, to staying in rooms with 5 other people- has helped me get out of my bubble and be social.

It's a great break from the pattern of depression and loneliness.

I like traveling and I must put out a better vibe because I have already picked up 2 clients who want to work with me as soon as I started traveling.


Also, there are 3 people here in San Diego I met through the wealthy coach academy who want to hang out with me!!! perfect.


When I got in from the greyhound and walked to the hostel my neck was really hurting.

My chiropractor says my right hip is dropped leading to back pain in my right side and neck pain and jaw pain... one of my coaches addressed it at the conference and walking to the hostel I actually had to stop and take a break from the deep pain in the right side of my neck.

the metaphysical meaning?

hips mean balance... right hip is masculine energy... so I need to accept balance in my life with my masculine energy.

neck means stubbornness... and not seeing others point of view.

The left side of my body is totally fine and has no problems.

I just keep telling myself one day my body will be in perfect alignment and I will be pain-free.

Until then I like to lay down and work so I can focus on what I'm doing instead of the pain in my neck, back, and hip.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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