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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mom visited

I love my mom.
I'm so happy she came to visit.
We went to the zoo, capitol, old town, on a boat and made wonderful videos and memories.

After 10 sessions of therapy- and moving out of the house at 30- I think we can have a healthy and happy relationship.

When she came I realized why I haven't gotten my financial life together and I worked hard on my emotional life to make a breakthrough.

The relationships we have with our parents reflect on how we interact with everyone else in our lives.

If my job here on earth is to help women with OCR racing... it must first start with mending my relationship with my mother.

Also getting over myself.

Getting over my past self really.

When I decided I didn't want to be the hurt little girl anymore and face her... I grew into a strong woman.

"Be the person you wish helped you when you were a child" is a great instagram bio I just read.

anyways social media....

I got enough people to help get my follow/unfollow for free from Dallas.

I paid a guy $100/month to grow my IG following from 300 people to now 3000 and the first 2 months I paid and this last month I got 4 referrals and now I get a month free.

It's the biggest blessing that has helped me this month. Helping others has helped me.

If you are a coach reading this and want to grow your IG following by having my guy follow and unfollow influencers in the same category as you and taking their audience and have them follow you
text this number right now and tell them JenniferAtherton_OCR sent you. 818-634-9130. Thanks for the referral.
The money that my gym partner gave me to pay my climbing gym rent and the money my landlady gave me to pay me back for buying TP and dish soap was stolen this weekend.

I seriously feel like I'm paying for some bad money karma I racked up but hopefully we are all even steven karma.


I'm ready to start filming me climbing and posting it on youtube.

Also Vlogging about my life.

I hate video editing but hey I guess I have to do it.

Tomorrow I have an interview with the Folsom library to see if I qualify for a job reshelving books for $11/hour.

I heard Folsom lake is beautiful and I wanted to go check it out.
I love organizing.
Its a part time/temporary job.
Something about it seems to sooth my soul.

I also dropped off a letter and yoga DVD at the school of Fortune.
Maybe they will hire me to teach yoga to kids that are in a special school to help them get out of poverty.
Plus it pays $35/hour.
That would also feed my soul.
My landlady said I won't get it because I'm not black.

Well fuck I give up.
I never thought I would have to get a job again.
I thought I could just easily pick up clients and make money.
I feel like I lost.
I surrender.
I give up.

For $11/hour all I can handle is reshelving books... over and over and over again.

But hey we all have to start somewhere right?

I'm turning into a serial interviewer for jobs I get hired at but don't take.


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