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Friday, February 2, 2018

Jenn this is either a bad idea or a good idea. Yup. You’re right.

That’s what’s my climbing partner said to me as he climbed the rope with my weight vest set at 10#.

He paid for my monthly gym membership because he enjoyed my company and got the most climbing gains hanging out with me.

I’m completely humbled.

This is coming for a person who has heard herself called an arrogant little bitch many times. And probably will again for the rest of my life.

I have huge respect for this man.

Not only can he keep me in line climbing so I can go from a 5.9 to 5.11b in 2 months.

He also gives me great life lessons that no other person on the planet can teach me.

He never gossips.

He only focuses on the task at hand.

He corrects other people who he thinks will listen.

He corrects me on any bad behaviour. Climbing and in general.

He has retied my ropes multiple times until I get it right.

He showed me how to keep things organised in all aspects of my life.

He is teaching me financial wisdom and even bought me financial books to educate myself.

I am so blessed beyond belief to call this man my friend.

I’m sure we wouldn’t have met in any other circumstance besides the gym.

As my life slowly comes together here in Sacramento I see G-ds plan to help me reach my biggest and wildest goals.

I may not have a lot of friends but the ones I do are pure gold!

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