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Saturday, February 10, 2018

First Race of 2018


Margarita 5k in William Land Park Sacramento, CA. 2p.m. on Saturday 2/10/2018.

Should I be a bandit or just a spectator?

I mean it's really bad to not pay for races.

I could stand at the finish line with my personal training T-shirt and hand out business cards.


I'm going to hell anyway for all my bad behaviors so might as well be decorated with metals in front of the devil.

My second bandit race of the year was fun.

I got pictures and videos of it all.

Great content!

When I looked up tickets it was going to be $60 for last minute registration.

Wow... really is racing just a sport for rich people?

I'm broke.
Have no clients.
Have plenty of time.

So I decided instead of worrying about money... to just run a race as a bandit.

That is a true confession of a race addict.
money? job? security? boring.
racing? yes! exciting.

The only person who asked where my bib was, was another racer who looked like he was in better shape than me. The security people there are just to make sure the margarita drinkers won't break out into a fight.

As I crossed the finish line and accepted my metal... I thought well someone somewhere signed up for this race and didn't do it so maybe they just needed a fill-in lol.

It's not that I can't find a job... it's that I won't take a job lol.

 I have had plenty of offers.

Kinda sounds like my dating life as well lol...

Maybe I'm just afraid of commitment?

I'm driving my landlady crazy...

So I'm writing this in the library.

Maybe my goal this year is to not pay for a single race?

I signed up to volunteer for my OCR's.

tough mudder and spartan

but everything else that is local is fair game.

Good thing there are good citizens in the world that pay for these things to keep it going! lol

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