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Monday, January 22, 2018

Just had to hit the UPDATE button

Had a great visit with my dad.

kinda toured around Sacramento.

I was so happy he checked out where I live and what I'm doing.

I love him and miss him dearly.

Had an amazing virtual training in Social media marketing.

Started Jenn T.v. where I will be live on IG at 6 p.m. M/W/F for 30 minutes.

Thinking about doing FB live at 6 p.m. T/Th for 30 minutes.

Used the trainerize app for my own personal training at the gym.

I get how it can be confusing and tomorrow I'll do a video on how it works to better serve my clients.

Also going to hit up all the police and fire departments tomorrow for the Spartan group training I'm going to do M/W/F nights at 7 p.m. at Self- Made Training Facility in Elk Grove, CA

I made a flyer. I will print it out at the library.

Getting a lot of people that want to try my free trials on my programs... I tried to email but I think 10-minute phone calls will work better.

Paid my rent a few days early so my landlady could make her house payment.

Just really focused on being super grateful for being alive.

It really changed my perspective.

I have really chilled out.

Allowing the universe to support me.

Grateful for
1. being alive
2. wonderful opportunities
3. to be able to fit my bike in my closet lol

Kinda wished I was training at synergy in Fresno but whatever I'll make it work at Self Made... they said they would work with me on the obstacle training and the virtual programs included in the rent are off the hook!

I just have to relax and remember that G-d has a plan for me.

For my website... all I had to do was hit the UPDATE button.

How are you UPDATING your life?

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