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Sunday, January 14, 2018

hearing loss in my right ear

I have a confession:

My back is fucked up.
And I don't really talk about it much.

I think it is because when I was in my binge drinking stage of my life and fell down on a slippery grass slope while getting a piggyback ride and the guy I was getting the ride from fell on top of me and broke my leg...

Yeah, I think he also fucked up my hip but my leg hurt so much that I never addressed my hip.

So now... years later... my lower back grinds when I get in and out of the car.

Now... my right hip hurts like a MF when I run....and exercise... and sit for long car rides...

Now the right side of my body is fucked.

Now the right side of my back is tight and tense and fucked...

now the right side of my neck is fucked...

now the right side of my jaw is fucked...

and now it is so bad I'm losing hearing in my right ear.

So when I went to the Sacramento Fitness Expo I talked to a couple of chiropractors.

The first one (I'm sure you saw on my IG) was really more of a life coach and said he couldn't help me that day but gave me his life coaching book... ok maybe just choose to be a life coach instead of a chiropractor...

I mean it was cool. I'm on a strict budget this year and I cut out book buying so any free book to better my life is always a plus.

The second chiropractor I saw at the fair was awesome. He had great teeth and recommended a dentist here in Sac.  Then he lay me down on the table and gave me an assessment.

He said my right hip is dropped, which is leading to my right side of back pain, leading to my right side of neck pain and spent some time digging his fingers into my right jaw until I held up my hand to say stop... it hurts.

Doc can you help me? I asked. Yes, he said and I signed up for a $40 first visit to get x-rayed on Thursday... somewhere in Sacramento.

I broke my rule of not spending money on Saturday. I hope G-d will forgive me.

Then the 3rd guy I saw made me stand on two scales and told me I am putting 2# more pressure on my left side then my right. He had this strange 3 string set and told me my shoulders were off and as I said I already signed up with someone else his assistant went in for the kill and told me he is the best and he works from the skull down. I took his card and will probably check him out too.

I liked the two scale approach...I think I will use it on my clients for assessments.

Anyways... on a lighter note, I found a personal training gym in Sac called Self Made.

They are awesome and will really be the best fit to grow my PT business.

I gave the gym owner my extra ticket to the expo.

Met a lot of people who follow me on IG and FB.

Pretty cool.

The convention center smelled like a moldy sock.

Learned about a pole dance gym where I can get some pole skills... dude it's ultimate fitness at it's finest. Met some really cool people and posted a lot on my social media.

I guess I can have some real fun here in Sac-town.

Starting an OCR group training at the gym as well. Trying to get a team together for the upcoming races. Next race in San Jose.

Maybe G-d did have a plan for me here after all.

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