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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Working is not for sissies

Whoa... Working on this ebook has been HARD WORK.

I had to take a nap.


But super excited to get my thoughts out on virtual paper!

Plus just hired my Friend Mo Money to help manage my social media accounts.

She is one of the smartest women I know!

Plus she is super OBSESSED about money and my success determines her success so I thank G-d for connecting us and having us work together.

She even tracks my likes and followers everyday.

Numbers really turn her on.

Hiring My first employee is super exciting too.

Anything a man can do~ two women can do (better?) my roommate tells me as we worked together putting up a ceiling moulding application for our bathroom that she came up with.
(Did I mention she is classy and awesome? And I love our WOMAN'S BATHROOM)

She recommended I change my profile pic to a shirtless one for more reach and we just talk about awesome ideas.

I even asked her to do a personality test

Plus she wants to write up a contract and work up to working on percentage.


I'm all about bonusing people out and people working WITH me getting compensated for what they do!

I am rich... we all get rich together. We are rich.

So happy I went through the Darren Hardy training to get my head straight about how business really works and how to attract and build the dream team.

I love you G-d.
I love you DH.
I love you Mo Money.

I am here to serve Man Kind.

Let's do this.

Please give me the attention span to sit in my chair and finish my projects when it's super sunny and warm outside and I could be riding my bike and climbing all day. lol

Had to order food off of uber eats for the past day but just got an email that my trifecta nutrition order is coming tomorrow!


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