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Friday, December 22, 2017

Running in the Park- my part in the new upcoming running book update

So Some of you may know I put in a piece about my Park Run Experience in Crissy Field, SF, CA.

Because I love racing...

and I haven't heard back from the guy but I decided to reach out and here is what he emailed me back.

Hi Jen,

Sorry for not having written to you sooner.

I collaborate with this publisher and I am not on their daily doings.
I have contacted them and apparently, the project has been delayed because they are having trouble getting people from all over the world to collaborate with the book.

They have sent me what they have... the map is pixelated, I will try to get it in better quality.
As I said... at the moment, they have no certain date to finish it, and final corrections need to be done.

I will keep you updated.
Thanks for your patience;

Here is what he sent me that I copied and pasted since it's a PDF.

The book is called Running In the Park, 30 Parks to Run Around the World.

San Francisco Crissy Field

 40° 46’ 04’’ N 73° 58’ 52’’ O

The expert Jennifer Atherton ( I like the sound of this!)

Personal Trainer at Southern Humboldt Fitness in Redway, CA; Specialty Core & Back. Race enthusiast; Specialty 5k. Motto: How we Train Matters. Lives in Piercy, CA.

Rarkruns at Crissy Field, in San Francisco, are really COOL! 

Runners unite: people meet at ParkRun locations all over the world to run 3.1 miles at 9 a.m. on Saturdays for FREE. Rain or shine. The next opportunity you get to be in San Francisco, CA, I hope you will check it out! 

You will get lots of views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, The Bay, and sailboats on a clear day. It’s a great event for families and friends visiting S.F. that love to run! Bathrooms are A++ with plenty of clean stalls and toilet paper. 

I found the Crissy Field race on http://www. 

It’s organized and easy to find races based on date, location and/or length. At I found out that this event is FREE and all you have to do is register by email and print out a barcode or have it on your phone for them to scan. 

ParkRuns are run by wonderful volunteers who wear bright orange vests and big smiles. Plus they take lots of pictures. The race attracts everyone from the elite racer to the casual runner or even the dog walker. Yes, you can walk your dog in this race! Everyone has the same start time. There is no prize money, metal or free T-shirt at the finish line. 

You are invited to get a cup of coffee at the park’s little coffee hut with fellow runners after the race. 

Before the run, everyone gathers to go over the course and park etiquette. Runners say where they’re from, clap, and there is a group picture taken. The course is marked, but I knew to follow the elite runners around the park to figure out where I was going. 

 The best part about Crissy Field is that it is FLAT. You are at sea level, next to the water and it can’t get any fatter than this course. We start running on sand/dirt for the first mile toward the bridge, then pavement and some grass for another mile, doubling back to the sandy path for the last mile. 

Lots of other runners, not part of the Parkrun, use the path and racers are asked to yield to them. I had to stop once, when the trail was blocked by a puddle to let walkers go past. If I had brought an extra pair of shoes and socks, and wanted to make better time I would have run through the puddles no problem. Next time. 

The finish line: they specifically tell you to go BETWEEN THE CONES. If you don’t, you won’t get your time. A picture of you is taken at the finish line and you get your plastic time card to turn in with your barcode. Time recorded. Results are posted on the website. Pictures are posted on the facebook page in a timely manner. Thank you, San Francisco, for providing this FREE Run. 

And then the put a picture of the park and not me :( it's ok. It's their book lol and it's not finished yet.

Super excited about the update!

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