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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Proper Etiquette

Hey Love Crew,

OK, so I talked to my therapist yesterday.

I'm still waking up with depressing thoughts and she suggested to write out 3 things I'm grateful for and 3 things I'm proud of accomplishing.


1. For my friend Mo Money. She has been amazing! I am so blessed to have her in my life as a best friend and my first  employee of the Sexy Man Academy.

Thank you, G-d for connecting us!

2. My new home. I bike through Sacramento every day and see Homeless people everywhere and I'm a super sensitive person so it's hard for me. I want to help them somehow.

When I first moved to Sac. there were tents lined up on the sidewalk on the back wall of our gym.

I asked myself, "what makes me any different than them?"

Nothing but G-d's grace.

When I stopped at a red light while biking home yesterday, I smiled at a man (ok I try to smile at everyone!) and he went into his story and asked me for a dollar.

I said no but that G-d has a great plan for him and instead of money I gave him some positive energy.

And it felt really good.

Thank you, G-d for guiding me and letting me know giving money to people doesn't buy me love.

I said G-d has a plan for you and it looks like you are ready to receive it!

3. Super Grateful for my Website/photographer friend Vico whom I met by the river in Piercy.

He pimped out my website, helps me step up my game and is overall an amazing friend.


3 accomplishments-

1. I'm getting more organized and organization really turns me on!

I put together a post-it note of tasks to do and follow them with my reward is going to the gym at 11 a.m. so I need to get a lot of things off my list by 11.

Focus, organization, priorities.

It makes me feel good.

2. I trained my first employee more. Darren Hardy says that I should be constantly training my employees. The more I invest in them the better I can run my company. This is a success mindset. Plus it's a great habit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Reading my Etiquette book so I know how to behave better in my life.
I'm ready to be a classy woman. I need to read the rules of the game. I got my library card here in Sacramento and rented out Emily posts etiquette book.

Did you know you wear your name tag on the right side? This way when people shake your hand they can see your name.

Yes, I have my name tag on and am going to wear it on my tank top every day.

Thanks Dad for the idea!

I got one for him too by his request after volunteering at fundraisers in our area.

I think it's polite to wear a name tag so people can refer back to my name.

It also just saves time.

Attract what I expect, Reflect what I desire, Become what I respect, mirror what I admire.

This was a post I saw on IG I wanted to share with you.

Have a great day Love Crew!

Keep the Love going strong!

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