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Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Ass Hurts

So I got a bike.....

Took it for a ride....

Now my ass hurts.....

but it's cool.

I'm saving the planet.

My landlady took me out biking around Sacramento and showed me around.

The amazing thing was that her chain was off the gears....

but she just kept biking.

It was the most amazing tenacity I've seen in a long time.

3 men stopped what they were doing to help her until we made it to the bike shop and the bike guy fixed her chain and gave it a lot of lube.

After that we biked around the American River and she really enjoyed her bike after that!

But Damn... biking with the chain off until she got the bike shop.

She just said she trusted God will help her to get there.

I mean talk about faith!

I'm really enjoying my new space and Sacramento is really an active town with lots of things to do!

Who knew?

She also wants to take me out again and take more pictures of me doing cool things around Sacramento!

It's fantastic.

Also she is letting me use her piano and I downloaded an app that teaches me how to play.

It's exhausting but a cool distraction.

My goal is to play for an hour a day- from 8 am- 9 am- 6 days a week (off Saturdays).

She has an electronic and traditional piano.

Music is the highest form of intelligence.

I'm ready to be intelligent.

Also we toured around Sac. State and they have a ropes course!!!!

How fucking cool is that?

Lots of opportunity all around and it's a little over whelming.

I'm not in Piercy anymore.

Also my landlady's son lives in Eureka, CA!

So she knows Piercy, Garberville and "the business"!

It was such a relief to be able to talk about where I'm from and her being open talking the economy up there.

I changed my Fitness business from Mountain Crew Fitness to Sexy Man Academy.

The guy who founded WCA said he has a porn addiction and would just love to have a real relationship with a woman.

It's absolutely fucking amazing.

Here is a guy. Super successful. Super hot. Living the dream and he can't get a girl????

That's just a waste of a perfectly good penis!

So I'm creating my Single to Taken in 3 months program just for him!

I'm going to give out 1 minute tips on my IG for him and the many other men that have problems connecting with 21st century women.

It's amazing the social dynamics have changed so much and it's hard to keep romantic relationships in this generation.

But it's possible.

God has given me the gift on being able to talk to men about sex and relationships.

I must honor God.

And I'm excited to see Sterling find his ideal woman and living happily ever after with her.

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