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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dear G-d, Thank you

I just wanted to share with the world that I completed my e-book The Woman Manual Yesterday!

It was amazing!

I have changed my identity from reader to author!


I told my roommate who watched the process of my transformation,

and she is an avid reader as well

and has let me borrow many of her books already in my short stay at her home.

Confession: I have always WAnted to be an Author.

I wasn't good at writing but after going to school and hanging out with the cool writer kids in school and having them help me with my writing and bugging teachers at their office hours and tons and tons of reading.....

I completed a writing of my own.

My roommate said, " and THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!"

I have now opened the world to author another book... and maybe another!

But I would really like to Thank G-d for this experience.

I have completed surrendered my life to the greater power and this is what happened.

I don't believe I can attribute any of my success, all to myself without the help of G-d.

Yes, I did the work, wrote out a rough draft, edited it and added pictures and am going to sell it blah blah blah... but that is just human stuff.

On the spiritual side, something was different.

I allowed the spirit to flow through me as I wrote the book.

And yes, the book is about my experiences and my perspective.


I don't know... I can't explain it.

Maybe I just see the bigger picture.

It's not just about me anymore.

It's about the gift G-d gave to me and my ability to share it with the world.

The best way I can explain it is like a beehive.

A honey beehive to be exact.

We are all working together for the greater hive.

We are all working together to make honey.

It isn't about every individual bee.

But yes they are all individuals working their butts off.

But together they are powerful.

Together they make a superorganism.

Another way to explain it is I'm dropping my EGO and I'm working on my SOUL.

The EGO is:
Serving yourself
seeking gratification
life is a competition
preserving yourself
look forward
fearing of lack
drawn to lust
seek wisdom
seek to be filled

The SOUL is:
Serve others
seek inner authentication
life is a gift
preserve others
look inward
the feeling of abundance
drawn to love
is wisdom
eternal wholeness

So Anywho... the free version of the book will be available in March on this blog.

Chapter 2 slipped in there... I would like to say by accident but I don't believe in accidents anymore.

G-d slipped you Chapter 2.

My Virtual Coaching team has been great.
I've been doing more zoom calls and yesterday was a wake-up call to start selling my virtual packages.
And even though I don't work a normal job I do need to get my scheduling together as a boss.

So I set 2 new alarms on my phone.
One for 9 p.m. which is when I will go to sleep
and one for 5 a.m. which is when I will get up.

Then I can blog about the plans for my day around 5:30 a.m. which I am starting today and have 6 hours to work until I leave for the gym at 11 a.m. and climb and ride back to my house.

If you don't schedule it- it won't happen!

Your calendar shows me what you deem important.

Plus I took some mitol two days ago and was on such a caffeine rush I stayed up until 2 a.m. editing my e-book and crashed last night at 8 p.m.

I lit my menorah candles and I was out like a light. pun intended lol.

OK, so what am I going to do today?

1. Fill out my P.O. Box information and get a box for men to send me questions about woman relationship advise.
2. Add photo credits to all my photos in my book.
3. check my email and respond to my website guy...
4. Go over the scripts through the WCA and train my messenger lady.
5. Read a chapter of my etiquette book I rented from the library.
6. Go over the virtual program Single to Taken (my next project) and put a timeline for getting it together.
7. Write a letter.
8. Talk to my therapist
9. hit up my messages on social media when I get back from the gym
10. get my eating schedule on point!

Also, I just wanted to say I'm $20,000 in credit card debt.

But it was all investing in coaching programs and everyday stuff.

I choose to be relaxed about it.

Money is just a number and doesn't determine my value as a human being.

Plus I have surrendered my debt to G-d and I fully trust he will help me make the money to pay it off by the end of the year.

Starting with this e-book.

Dear G-d,

Thank you for everything.

I love you.

Sometimes I don't understand you, but I trust everything that happens to me is apart of the bigger plan you have for me.

I know you love me too.



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