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Friday, December 29, 2017

Climbing Gains

When I first moved to Sacramento I joined a climbing gym.

I thought I would work at an OCR gym in Fresno but after not finding a place to live there... G-d directed me to Sac.

The climbing gym is amazing and in the first few days, I had a climbing partner with 16 years of experience who literally taught me the ropes around the gym.

I like climbing because of the experience it gives me.

I can climb my hardest and if I fall, my belay partner has me.

It's an amazing feeling.

I am afraid of heights that feel completely secure with a harness and rope.

Sometimes I think about what if the rope broke and I fell to my death... but I'm having so much fun climbing... it overrides that thought.

My grip strength is getting really good.

This is exactly what I wanted.

And my climbing coach told me that if I went straight into multi-rig training I could actually injure myself due to lack of muscle build up.

G-d has a plan for me.

I'm really excited to see if I can do another Kings Camp race next year and see how my skills improve.

Climbing is so freaking cool.

climb on!

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