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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Sacramento

As I celebrate Christmas in a new town with a new family, I tell G-d THANK YOU.

The women I live with also have issues with their families and even though we all live under one roof and can talk about our emotional hurts, we have become our own family and are helping each other become better everyday.

It was really nice not to have to go anywhere for Christmas Eve and just stay home and sleep in and hang out in the kitchen while I watch my roommates cook and bake for HOURS!

I, on the other hand, can't stand cooking anything more than 2 minutes.

But that is just me, focusing on my major life goals and life purpose- hint: making food is not it!

Also I realize why G-d had my friend intercept my move to Tijuana, Mexico and placed me in Sacramento, CA.

The holiday's can be a very depressing time for people and G-d wanted me to be around people for the shortest days of the year.

He wanted me to be with people that will decorate the house and give me presents.

He wanted me to be surrounded by LOVE.

Not alone in a foreign country all by myself.

So Thank you.

Thank you to my friend that called me on the night I moved out of Humboldt and sweetly insisted, "WHERE IN CALIFORNIA AM I MOVING TO?" over and over and over again, and knowing how insanely stubborn I am, he kindly invited me to sleep at his house until G-d found another place for me to live.

Pretty amazing props to him... that was not an easy task.

And people that can handle me at my worst deserve me at my best.

I truly believe G-d puts the right people in front of me at the right times and even though I didn't understand the full gift my friend gave me while I was in the state of fight or flight... now that I have calmed down and settled in, I know I owe my friend a big THANK YOU.

Because that is what true friends do.

They know you are a crazy bitch but they still love you anyway and they know how to talk to you in a loving way to keep you out of harms way.

Because He is A BOSS.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends that have made a huge difference in my life.
You are probably reading this right now because you care about me.

Sending you ALL lots of Love and Positive Energy!

Then I finished the 5 Love Languages-

Oh man.
Required reading for the Sexy Man Academy.

It makes sense why my relationships didn't work out before.

When I get criticized my love tank runs empty.
And when I hear words of positive affirmation my love tank fills up!

Also gifts, when people give me gifts my love tank fills up!
When I give to others I think it fills their love tank up as well.

I would get little gifts of money every weekend from my dad.
Maybe that is where I thought giving the gift of money could by Love.

My friend MO MONEY said that is not the case and STOP IT!

Thank you!
I'm so happy and blessed she is in my life!
That is another friend and possibly the only friend who really understands me because she was in my house in Piercy when she experienced first hand my home life that no one else sees.

She gets it!

And we created a VERY DEEP bond over our moving out of Humboldt experience.

Going back to the 5 Love Languages
1. Positive words of affirmation - this fills up my love tank like no other!
2. Gifts- the smaller and more heart felt the better (This is why I send out little cards to people, I love Love notes!)
3. Acts of Service- This is why I love my laundry lady lol and my trifecta meal prep people and anyone who works for me in any way shape or form! My dad would build me all kinds of things and I would use positive words of affirmation to show love back- I even did this with the grocery checker yesterday! People Love to serve me! And I love to be served.

4. Quality time- I spent a lot of time alone when I grew up so Quality time isn't really a love language for me.
 I can tell it is for my room mates and that is why I sit in the kitchen when I watch them cook.
It helps develop our relationships because they want the quality time.
I could live the rest of my life in my room behind my computer and feel completely fulfilled because that is how I lived as a child.
Quality time with the computer is Love.
Quality time with people can be scary and in a way drains my love tank especially when I hang out with people that criticize me or criticize anything.
This is also why One-on-one works so great with me as well.
The group settings, especially in the Wealthy Coach Academy are hard for me to participate in when really it completely drains me. I know it's more effective to reach more people and is just an area in my life I need to work on.
(This is also why I hire out for my messenger process on social media)

5. Physical Touch-
I don't really like to be touched.
And I don't really touch a lot of people through out my day.
Touching the keyboard is very satisfying (As I can tell since I type my blog and my blog listens to my feelings openly and honestly- this is why blogging is seen as love to me as well)
 But I wasn't touched a lot as a kid.
And I'm not touched a lot now.
My climbing partner's Love Language is physical touch.
He wants a hug when I come into the gym and when I leave and he massages my forearms after every climb.
Some days that is the only physical touch I get.
And I remember past boyfriends saying I don't touch them enough or give them enough quality time.


How can you tell what people's love languages are?

By how they treat you!

I give out positive words of affirmation all day long because that is how I see love.
I write love notes to people and that is how I  see love.
I do acts of service to people because that is how I see love.

If you really have no clue the script goes like this...
"Is there anything I can do to help you make your life easier"
And they will tell you which of the 5 love languages that will fill their Love tank.

Some people like Listening and see that is love.

In the book they went over how to spend time with your kids and how you can give them quality time but what they really want is for you to ask them what they are thinking and how they are feeling and see that as Love and If you don't do this they feel that you don't love them.

Children that act out have their Love thanks empty.

2018 will be all about filling my Love tank and the Love tanks around me.

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