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Friday, December 29, 2017

Biggest Breakthrough of the year

Will you still Love me when I become financially wealthy?


Ok, well then, Let's do this.

The story:

So I joined the Wealthy Coach Alumni during the live event, only after being in the Academy for less than a week.

Yeah- I like fast growth... what can I say.

So Boom sha ca la ca I had to grow really fast.

But I've been prepping for this moment.

Really I've been growing all year.

I've searched for growth.

Growth to my full potential.

Growth to the best version of me that I can create.

And I had my breakthrough about money.

It all started when I got a little more settled in Sacramento and watched an Alumni video on hiring my first messenger to grow my online coaching business.

I put out an ad on Craigslist and got no responses.

But I was talking to my Friend MO MOney casually about looking for the perfect new hire and she volunteered for the job!

I could say it was a match made in heaven!

Really she is a financial coach in the making and G-d knew that I needed someone to gently hold my hand and talk to me about my emotions around money in the most loving and caring way possible.

She gets the online business.

She is very supportive of my social media pages growing quickly.

It actually makes her excited and I get constant number updates on my progress.

I honestly didn't really care about my following growing... I was just concerned about my emotions around being wealthy.

So as we kept talking... We negotiated commissions on selling packages and ebooks.

Motivation is not an issue.

The issue was with me.

See my family never openly talked about money.

It was kinda taboo.

I never really had healthy emotions around being rich.

I mean, I know I have all the capabilities of being a multimillionaire but something has been holding me back.

And as we explored and I got pushed to the edge I finally came up with it.

My emotional process was I will not be loved by anyone if I became wealthy.

So I sabotaged all my work and business so I would stay broke and be loved.

Weird huh.

But now that I have a financial coach... she told me that this wasn't the case.

Being wealthy is a great way to live, support me and create wonderful opportunities in the world.

Being wealthy is the best thing I can do for myself.

Allowing myself to succeed is the most self-love I can show myself.

And I can't buy love.

People will either love me for me or they won't.

Some people may be jealous that I have more money than them but that is their own limited belief and emotional system.

If my broke ass can change my emotions around money... so can you!

It just takes loving friends that are completely obsessed with money to help me see that.

Plus the courage to look inside and ask me... what is really holding me back here?

And do I want to keep holding myself back?

Or do I want to make a real difference in the world and have my creator look down on me and say, "HELL YES"

I also had a spiritual experience with G-d and money.

I wanted to know how the Jewish people have accomplished so much and have become so wealthy.

I've been obsessed with the culture and fell in love with their beliefs and values.

They believe... according to my amateur research that on Judgement day G-d will ask you, "Did you conduct your business fairly?"

Meaning did you pay people on time and the amount you owed them?
Did you pay for everything you use? (I stopped downloading music from youtube and starting buying it)
Were your weights and measurements accurate?
Every transaction we make... G-d is watching and as I slowly saw the benefit of this belief system I lived fairly and became a very honest person that others can trust completely!

When I see others not doing business fairly I saw something.
I know people who don't practice this law will NEVER SUCCEED In ANYTHING they do!

DOn't steal from others unless you want to be stolen from.
It's really that simple!

Conduct fair business so people will conduct fair business with you!

The second question G-d will ask is if I started a family.
I'm working on my intimacy issues and allowing myself to have love in my life and start my own little family. I would love to have a great lover and live happily ever after! I will do it for G-d.

I mean we are talking huge breakthroughs for me this year!

I think the third question is if I studied the Torah... I have been reading spiritual texts and taking Saturday as my rest day to study and be with G-d. I've been open to other religions as I love all religions and I like to cherry pick out the best parts that resonate with me.

But Tomorrow I'm going to check out a temple here in Sacramento, I'm going to buy the challah bread. and I am going to practice their rituals.

It brings peace to my soul.

And I am going to marry a Jewish man.

And he will also Love me even if I am wealthy.

I guess we really can have it all.

Thank you, G-d.

I am so blessed by your graciousness.

You must have a wonderful plan for me.

I am excited to recieve it.

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