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Thursday, December 7, 2017

30 bike challenge

So some of you may know that I plan on selling my car and just biking everywhere to reach the next level of fitness.

It's a culture shock to a lot of people.

My landlady suggested this morning that I stop driving for 30 days to make sure that this is a good decision.

She told me I can see how hard life is without a car before I don't have a car.

I just laugh.

I love challenges.

After coming from Humboldt I really want to see what this "struggle" is all about.

There are no hills here.

I think It will be exciting!

We went for a 5-hour bike ride the other day and I was exhausted but I loved the workout!

Fresh air, sunshine and super flat place with plenty of bike trails.

She told me Lance Armstrong started biking in Sac.

It's so nice to be in a bike town.

Plus I just bought a red cyclist backpack with hydro pack.

I just spent $150 on a great helmet.

And I'm SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR excited to not pay for gas for the next 30 days.
Plus the car needs an oil change and I can put that off for 30 days too!

OK, challenge accepted.

Plus Mercury is in retrograde so I'm not doing any business until after Dec. 22nd.

If things are going weird for you right now... know it's the universe and it's time to deal with things in our past so our futures can become better.

NO driving until January 7th...

Sounds fantastic to me.

Plus my climbing buddy is helping me get super cyclist safe.

I posted the article on my FB that he sent me.

God is good.

He always puts the right people in my world to help me on my journey.

Also, my piano practice went great this morning.

Teaching myself piano is a great way to use my extreme stubborn energy for something super productive.

Dear God,

I'm ready to receive some next level shit.



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