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Monday, November 27, 2017

Then it felt right

I'm a social media junkie.

Yeah, I got a problem.

But it's so much fun!

I get to post all my ideas and thoughts and pics of me.

And I get a lot of attention from it which helps when I've locked myself in a hotel room for days working....

But Rosie messaged me on FB last night and that's why everything felt right.

She said she was ready to talk and would like to attend my yoga class.

I said I moved to Fresno.

And ALL the bullshit I had to deal with in Humboldt showed me that I don't belong there.

And that Fresno is now my safe place.

It was the best feeling of relief, comfort, warmth, clarity, relaxation, exhalation, and love.

I know God loves me.

 In a fucking tough love almost going to kill you daily kinda way but hey it's love and I'll take it.

Maybe I had to go through the bull shit to really appreciate the simple.

Working on my trainerize website and picking up more virtual clients.

It's all coming together!

Now just trusting God that he has the perfect place for me to live picked out and they are going to call me today so I can have the perfect nest tomorrow.

The eagle's nest.

My eagle's nest.

God's eagle's nest.


Once I'm moved in, I can start training at my dream gym.

Life is awesome.

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