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Monday, November 27, 2017


Let me be real with you.

I'm fucking stressed.

living in a hotel room for $200 a night for a week gets expensive quick

My credit card is maxed out

I can't find a place to live in Fresno

I can't eat because I'm stressed

I need to put together virtual training programs for my clients and I'm learning all new software and processing as quick as humanly possible.

I'm sitting in my hotel room because if I leave I will have to pay for the room that wasn't charged to me and my key doesn't even work. long story... see complaints.

So all I can do to relax is take a bath.

A hot bath.

And cry.

Telling myself the only reason I'm alive is for God.

And I am alive to serve him and only him.

So I just trust God has a wonderful place for me to live.

and as the guy who was my timekeeper for my 5k bandit race keeps hitting me up for us to share a studio together I just keep praying.

I thought about living out of an office.

Would the landlord let me do that?

Where would I shower?

I thought about renting out a storefront in the shopping center of the gym I want to train at and open a yoga studio and live in the back....

They haven't called me back on it and I need to check out of this hotel tomorrow.

Then a friend from the WCA replies to my IG live post saying she has a room for me to stay in Sacramento.

I check out the local gyms and it looks like a killer climbing gym is in my future.

Then in the middle of writing this Thread and Sugar Called.

It is a storefront I was looking at in the shopping center of the synergy gym.

I was thinking I could live there and have a yoga studio in the front and my virtual business in the back and then I can train at that killer gym.

The guy called me and let me know it will be $2000 a month. Fuck that's a lot of money for no clientele and just moving into a fresh area. Plus there are huge holes in the floor which would kinda be hard to have a yoga studio in. He said there are some rooms in the back that I can have my office. What would I do for a shower? Could I rent out space to my 5k guy to cover the rent? How long would it take for them to repair the floor?

But Stacia from WCA just texted me... let's see what she has to say.

$450 a month for my own room with a $450 deposit. Utilities included.

This I have in cold hard cash.

Her landlord is desperate for cash at the moment.

It's a match made in heaven.

I guess I'll have to tell my financial advisor to find a place to live first and then find a job.

Because even though I found a job... what good is a job with no place to live?

Plus I get to have Stacia as my housemate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has gotten on me about not doing my alumni program through WCA which I have paid $6k for and haven't even got to use it yet........

I told her I was getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship and now she is totally saving me.

God will bless her greatly.

Tomorrow I check out and head up to Sac.

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