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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rest Day= Saturday

On Saturdays I do nothing.

I don't go online.
I don't answer my phone.
I don't work out.
I don't create anything new.
I don't meet people.
I don't drive.
I cant make a fire.
I don't turn on the lights.
I don't spend/ touch money or do business deals.

It's a whole day to honor God.

I know I am nothing without my creator and taking a day to process my thoughts, let my body fully rest and just chill the fuck out really helps.

I also read spiritual books to connect more with the source.

I tell all my friends and people I work with so they know Saturday is not a day to contact me.

I also never race on Saturday.

It's the best decision I have ever made in my life.

If someone needs to see me on Saturday I'm open to visitors but I can't serve them and I ask that they serve me.

Do you take a fucking day off?

It's a super achievers thing.

Sunday is the best day to approach me.

I'm fully rested and believe in the spirit of life more than anything all Sunday.

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