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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Piercy Community Center Fall Festival Firedepartment Fundraiser

A lot happened.

I did a bunch of live feed on the Facebook page /PiercyCommunityCenter.

My dad won a volunteer award.

I was incharge of collecting money for the silent action, which went smoothly and I could use my OCE (obsessive compulsive of excellence) to make sure it ran smoothly.

I gave a thank you note to Rosie and offered to make up.
She asked if she could come to yoga and I said of course.
Us making up and becoming friends again will be huge for the community!

Talked to Johnny, the former Mateel event manager and the guy who put in the pond and water tanks for Reggae on the River about buying Richardson Grove RV Park. He mentioned they were thinking about doing Redwood Run at RG and they wouldn’t need permits. Plus this guy is just super smart about local events and what was going on in the community. I know where to find him in the future.

Another selling point!

Then Andrew, the head guy of Northern Nights came up to me and asked what’s my story. He actually lives behind the one log house and I got his # and he invited me to come over and talk about what the future of the spot is going to be.


I won 4 bids in the silent auction.
#1. Sunglasses from Tsunami
#2. A night at Humboldt House
#3. A redwood clock
#4. A bar b que donated by true value.

I also made up with my mom and she bought me 10 sessions of therapy!

I dealt with my shit, now I feel emotionally fit!!!!!!

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