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Thursday, November 16, 2017

I'm moving out of my parents house

So super big new!

I'm moving into a studio with my own private bath tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited.

One of my previous Personal Training clients was looking for a tenant and I said I would take the room.

Plus she needs a lot of help around her property so I can work off the rent until I get my virtual fitness business really running off the ground.

My friend is also moving out of her place and we have been helping each other pack and move and giving each other stuff for our new places.

I scored her love seat... she scored an otter pic by Talia Rose... signed (super fucking rare)

We are growing together.

Friends make everything better.

The real selling point on this place was that they don't have a hot water heater for the shower- I was like perfect I only take cold showers anyway.

They were like are you sure?

I was like HELL TO THE FUCK YES!!!!!!!

How is the cold showers going you ask?

Well my friend and I are staying at the Best Western in Garberville and we decided to hit up the hot tub last night.

AND their pool isn't heated in the winter soooooo.......

I went swimming in an unheated pool in November in Northern California and I'm attempting to hold my breathe under water the entire length of the pool.

I got about 75% there.

It would be nice to have some googles to see my progress while underwater but I guess I'll just have to go by feel. Maybe 8-9 breast strokes????

Yeah but how was the water?

Well the human body is just amazing!

Everyone else at the hot tub could only jump in and out of the pool for a few seconds... maybe the most a minute.

I, on the other hand I was doing laps and holding my breathe under water.

They all thought I was a Bad Ass and completely crazy.

I think they are crazy NOT to be able to do that.

My friend is complaining that she is cold ALL the time.

Love Quote of the day

"Life is not the amount of breaths you make, it's the moments that take your breath away."


Jenn quote of the day

"I better be able to swim the entire length of the unheated pool at the best western tonight"

So then I ask my friend did you take a cold shower today and she was like Hell No are your crazy?

The whole point behind cold showers is to have your internal heating system work for you.

Our bodies are like a furnace and if you want to make it through the long hard winters of Northen California I suggest you start taking the fucking cold showers to survive.

You are the only one that can truly warm you.... from the inside.

Nothing else can warm you like your own body going into furance mode.

Plus all the hot kids are doing it so..........

All the hot kids are also on INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I love instagram and instagram loves me.

I hired Dallas.... He is helping me grow my following so I can reach more people with my virtual fitness business. HE IS AWESOME.

Before Dallas I has 330 followers

After a little over a week with Dallas TODAY AT 9:13 a.m. 11/16/2017 I have 831 followers.

HOLY HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Dallas.

I'm having a little trouble messanging everybody who follows me and likes my posts but I can hire someone else out for that.

I'm sure the Universe will send me the perfect social media team that can help me rock this shit.

Soooo yeah lets talk about guys...

We met these 2 guys  at the best western wine and cheese time...


good thing I'm on the trifecta meal plan... seriously saving my life right now.

I even brought my own breakfast so I could eat some ORGANIC potatoes and eggs.

But yeah these two guys were fun and guys are always a great distraction when you have a lot going on in life and just want to relax and unwind for a minute in the hot tub.

So yeah one is married and runs the construction business and the other one works for the first guy,

and he is the one I need to blog about.

He is 30 years old and we asked him about his tattoos.

He has a crown on this bicep and the story was he met a woman on and after a month moved in together and got matching tattoos and then she dumped him for her ex but asked if he could babysit the kids.

Now I'm blogging about him because
#1. He is a super nice guy
#2. I can tell he wants love and has been hitting on my friend
#3. He has no chance in hell
#4. I want to help him...

It kills me when I see nice guys who can't connect and really want a women and just get used.

So this is what I'm going to coach him on tonight as we all go out to dinner at Cecils.

#1. I can tell he is ready for a relationship
#2. He doesn't know how to get one

so after all my virtual business learnings from Darren Hardy I learned what DH did to have a super successful marrage that has lasted for more years than I have been alive.

 Because DH is a boss like that.

When DH was ready to settle down and get married he...

#1. DH wrote out 40 pages on his ideal woman.
From the feel of her skin to the texture of her hair to ever fucking detail.... how do you write 40 pages about a woman I have no idea.

#2. He was set up on a blind date and she was his ideal woman.

#3. He kept a journal and focused on everything he loved about his woman and wrote it down in the journal to keep his perspective on love not flaws.

#4. He gave the journal to his wife on thanksgiving and she liked it better than the BMW he bought her.

#5. He falls deeper in love with her everyday and continues to court her.

Tonight I'm going to try to coach this guy on how to do this because I just love men so much and hate so see them hurt by love.

At 10a.m. today I'm meeting with the financial advisor at the Community Credit Union and talking over how to put together a plan to Buy the Richardson Grove R.V. park and turn it into a fitness retreat center.

I asked for the Financials on the place and they said I have to go through their realtor.

Never done that before either so that is something we are going over today.

Plus I need to put together a management plan for running the R.V. park once I buy it.

I put something together and my training with DH will really help me attract a super awesome dream team and keep retaining them to stay for a long time.

Invest in yourself...

If you want to be a super achiever all the information is out there.


And if you haven't already... Follow me on instagram JennifireAtherton_OCR

because instagram is the fucking shit and twitter is dead

Just heard they aren't even going to do the blue check mark anymore....


Lastly My best friend approached me on messenger and wants to hire me as her virtual personal trainer.

I think I'm going to make it.

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