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Friday, November 24, 2017

First Bandit Race


Because they are a fucking idiot and need to be fired immediately.

So I HAD to be a bandit in a race today.

God is watching.

And God please let me explain.

I would have paid for the race.

Really I would have paid $50 for a 5k for same day registration.

I brought my Credit card.....

But it wasn't an option.

And I'm a race addict and this was a great opportunity to hit my 16th out of 17 races this year.

No one checked my non-existant bib.

I didn't have a clock time.

I still got the photos.

It really made me question what we really pay for when we race anyway??????

 youtube vid  BFF 


But I made a new race friend and he raced with me and let me know my time, took a photo of us at the finish line and posted it on IG for me, and even walked me to my car after.

So bonus?

He hit his PR and said it was the best 5k he has ever done.

The best compliment I received from him was that I'm a great pacer.

My response was this is the worst race I've ever done and I haven't even gotten the chance to train with all the moving I've been doing.

But hey perspective.

Then I hit the gym.

Walked in and asked if I could workout and was told there is no open gym.

FUCK- how am I going to put in the hours to perfect my multi-rig skills?


Then I asked if I could just join the gym and what their programs were.

Again nothing price wise or program wise was posted.

And there were no pictures of the trainers with their names.

I still haven't paid anything.

I guess first class is free.

Then I just said I'm a PT and are they hiring.....????????


I met the owner and gave him my elevator pitch.

He connected with me on social and now I'll be there all next week starting at 5:30 a.m. to join the team.

FUCK that's early.

I usually get up at 7 a.m...........

He recommended getting a place across the street to live.

I prefer getting a shop in the same shopping center and living there and hosting a yoga class.

We'll see what God wants.

got a hotel room and crashed hard.

Best Thanksgiving ever.

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