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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Back in Piercy

Well it’s just been crazy but now I’m back at my parents house after my wonderful stay at the Richardson Grove RV park.

It came to the point that I was either going to buy the place and put in high speed wifi or I would have to go back to my parents house and put together a plan to buy it with the high speed wifi there.

Then we ran out of gas and my mother and I drained the batteries so there was no wifi and we had to talk to each other.

What is this the 90s?

So the plan is to develop my online coaching business starting with a virtual 3 month OCR obsession  training course. I’ve never had so much fun playing on my computer and putting it together.

I’m getting better everyday at social media marketing and getting my systems in place for success.

I have one more week on my Darren Hardy insane productivity module and ludicrous mode and then i will kick it up and enroll in his high performance forum.

I signed up to be a minister with the universal life church and I am now able to marry people, lead memorials and funerals, name babies, do house blessing and preach in churches.

I did it because if you are a pastor you can stay for free at the Richardson Grove rv park.

But it’s also really interesting stuff and I love public speaking so it’s the natural next step.

The plan with the rv park is to turn it into a ocr training playground where people can stay and learn and practice technique and then race on the weekends.

Yes my dream of racing every weekend could come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting with the financial advisor at the credit union once a week to keep my plans on track.

Almost up to 700 followers on Instagram :) and my live yoga vid on insta had 35 viewers!!!!!

I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible everyday and learn as much as I can to be better everyday.

So far it’s working!!!

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