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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Run Your Park

This week I was contacted to add a piece to a running book.

Yes, I said RUNNING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was messaged on my MountainCrewFitness Facebook page if I would be interested in contributing my opinion about my Crissy Field run in San Francisco that I blogged about (on this blog) in December 2016. (I now have a contact section on my blog- all the way down to my PO BOX- talk to me racers, book publishers and fitness-obsessed people!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so ready to connect!).


I told Miguel I would have it available in 24 hours.

All I had to do was copy and paste what I already wrote on my blog and then go over it again and again to get as much information as possible about the race in 2800 characters. Plus I got to add in my bio and picture.

From the help of family and friends and one of my Personal Training Clients who took her whole hour of exercising with me to help me re-write my piece (she is a writer herself and this is her ultimate strength- we were strengthing our grammar skills ok- it's exercise lol jk), and reading it out loud to anyone who came into my vicinity for more than 30 seconds, and then sleeping on it overnight- I finally submitted it this morning!

The bigger the dream, the better the team!

My other secret weapon was downloading Grammarly on my computer. It's even editing this blog as I write it!
Check it out a

I have been over the moon all week.

What I also realized was that I am really into racing! I mean, I guess that is all that I blog about anyway but it finally hit me when someone asked me to be in a running book.

 Plus all of my close friends are racers and it's the first thing I think about when someone tries to set me up on a blind date or a guy asks me out- ummmm so what's your 5k time? When is the right time to ask someone that? How do I even date someone who doesn't like racing or running in general? That will just have to figure itself out.

Here is what I submitted.
Parkruns at Crissy Field, in San Francisco, are really COOL! Runners unite: people meet at ParkRun locations all over the world to run 3.1 miles at 9 a.m. on Saturdays for FREE. Rain or shine.

The next opportunity you get to be in San Francisco, CA, I hope you will check it out!  You will get lots of views of the Golden Gate Bridge,  Alcatraz, The Bay, and sailboats on a clear day. It’s a great event for families and friends visiting S.F. that love to run! Bathrooms are A++ with plenty of clean stalls and toilet paper.

I found the Crissy Field race on It’s organized and easy to find races based on date, location and/or length.

At I found out that this event is FREE and all you have to do is register by email and print out a barcode or have it on your phone for them to scan.

ParkRuns are run by wonderful volunteers who wear bright orange vests and big smiles. Plus they take lots of pictures.

The race attracts everyone from the elite racer to the casual runner or even the dog walker. Yes, you can walk your dog in this race! Everyone has the same start time.

There is no prize money, metal or free T-shirt at the finish line. You are invited to get a cup of coffee at the park’s little coffee hut with fellow runners after the race.

Before the run, everyone gathers to go over the course and park etiquette. Runners say where they’re from, clap, and there is a group picture taken.

The course is marked, but I knew to follow the elite runners around the park to figure out where I was going.

The best part about Crissy Field is that it is FLAT. You are at sea level, next to the water and it can't get any flatter than this course. We start running on sand/dirt for the first mile toward the bridge, then pavement and some grass for another mile, doubling back to the sandy path for the last mile.

Lots of other runners, not part of the Parkrun, use the path and racers are asked to yield to them. I had to stop once when the trail was blocked by a puddle to let walkers go past. If I had brought an extra pair of shoes and socks, and wanted to make better time I would have run through the puddles no problem. Next time.

The finish line: they specifically tell you to go BETWEEN THE CONES. If you don't, you won’t get your time.

A picture of you is taken at the finish line and you get your plastic time card to turn in with your barcode. Time recorded.

Results are posted on the website. Pictures are posted on the facebook page in a timely manner.

Thank you, San Francisco, for providing this FREE Run.

Here is the bio I submitted:

Jennifer Atherton. Personal Trainer at Southern Humboldt Fitness in Redway, CA; Specialty Core & Back. Race enthusiast; Specialty 5k. Motto: How we Train Matters. Lives in Piercy, CA.
Instagram The_Smiling_Personal_Trainer
Facebook MountainCrewFitness

Here is the picture I submitted:
Jenn At Crissy Field Finish Line Dec. 24th, 2016


Here is the website of the book publisher.
I think this is the book I'm going to be in or something like this.

Did I also mention it is going to be translated into Spanish?

If you click on the link you might have already realized this- But I translated it into English so you can read the description of the book here!

One of the most practiced sports of recent times is certainly running. Perhaps the explanation of why we run, precisely because we live in a world in a hurry in which the head has to go at high speed, and there is no better way to slow it down than to achieve it with a good career. A sport that has penetrated deep into today's society as well as being able to reduce stress and anxiety and the obvious physical benefits, it is economically affordable for everyone. And that, today, is a lot to say.
In this book we have made a careful selection of 30 urban circuits in the main cities of the world, illustrated by the design studio of Javier Errea, with spectacular infographies (computer graphics) that signal the dreamy running circuits. Places where we may have already been and others where, without a doubt, we would like to practice our hobby.
A wonderful sport, full of advantages and that does not understand of ages, finally embodied in a book that will make you travel accompanied by the comments of the most known runners.

Submitted my piece on 9/30/2017- will keep you updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you happen to read my original blog post and then read what I submitted for the book- I bet you can see the big difference I had in help! (you can go to 2016 archive and then search Crissy Field for the fastest results around my blog).

Thank you so much DREAM TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

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