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Monday, July 10, 2017

The King's Race at King's Camp, San Carlos 7/9/17

This race kicked my Ass.
It took me hours to complete.
And it was so much fun and filled my spirit with wonderful OCR goodness.
I loved it.

I MADE THE SPEAR THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huge gains baby!

I had to jump half of the wall on the other side, grab a slippery nylon rope, come across and come down. Just like the slip wall in Spartan Race. I gave myself one shot to get up the wall because even though we had 5 tries as an elite, one is enough to tire your grip strength. Think you can and you can! 

This gym is an OCR obsession fantasy come true.
 I mean it's just a warehouse with a couple of obstacles in it, but the way they designed the course and timed people going through the event was really amazing. 
It flowed very nicely. 
And it was challenging and fun at the same time. 

Climbing underneath the stairs then monkey bars. Look how far I got! Keep the core tight and don't swing too much. Have you been practicing your grip strength with dead hang and transitioning? 

4 ft walls. I have been practicing this flip over technique and it scared the women in the shorts in this picture going over the wall on the other side. She said, " Every time you go over the wall, you freak me out and I think you are falling." My reply was, "Yes, I'm falling over the wall." Flipping my feet in the air and landing it. Pretty much cartwheeling over the 4 foot walls- over 100 times. 
It was awesome! 


The Universe decided to one up me and now at this race you have to go around the back side of the wall and complete the other side and then ring the bell. 
Fucking transitions! WHy???? 
It was hard, the obstacle has made me cry many tears at my last 5 Spartan Races.
 Today was another day of tears but as long as I keep trying, I just keep getting better and growing. 

Tire drag. Putting the rope around my waist was a great idea (Instead of using your arms). I walked backwards on the way back on this and it BURNED my calves. Weights really make the difference. 

Spider wall. The secret with this is taking off your shoes- I learned from Queen Jenny. 

I was doing great on my wall flips until I got tired and hungry and hit my foot on the wall support leaving a giant bump on the top of my left foot. 

As I took my shoe off for this obstacle I also took off my sock and people said I should probably ice my foot. 

I agreed but you know... I'm kinda in the middle of a race! 

I also slipped off this obstacle and landed right on my left heel. 

So my left foot was really messed up from this race. 
I'm still not wearing shoes.

 It's usually my right foot that gets messed up but my left foot took one for the team this time. 

I iced it after the race, the swelling went down but it's still a little tender. 

Other obstacles that were included in the race -

These are the 4ft walls that had to be jumped over for every obstacle. 
I perfected my flip technique on these walls. 
Not too confident I can do it on an 8 ft or 10 ft wall but 4ft- I got the 4ft wall down! 
Over 100 times over these walls. 

First obstacle the 8 ft wall. 
Women can use the footings (blue) but not the side of the wall. 
Like I said, I didn't front flip this one. 
I thought about it but I just put my leg over and gently let myself down.

two rigs (middle), rope climb (right) and punching bag hoist (left) slip wall on the back.

Ok rope climb- nailed it- 

rig one was great until the end where my all terrain super grip shoes actually gripped the cargo netting and I pulled a do or die move to ring the bell- 

with my foot still stuck in the netting and I fell flat on my butt with my foot still tangled in the netting in the air. 

It was worth it.

After I rang the bell and landed I untangled myself. 

Learning how to crash land is an important obstacle. 

The punching bag lifts were easy and great. 

Rig #2 if not completed elite racers got Disqualified. 

So yes I got DQed for this race. 

Rig number 2 was freaking hard! 
Two ropes to rings to ropes to rings to a metal bar! 
Um nope... not today. 

I got past the first ring and to the rope and then fell. 
After a couple hours of racing and a hurt foot- I was totally ok with being DQed. 

This was hard. 

I was challenged. 

But I got a little farther than I got yesterday so I still win in life.  

In case you didn't read this in the beginning of my blog post- 
on my first attempt! 
I mean this obstacle was close to last. 
I took my time. 
Set up my stance. 
And I imagined myself making it. 
I have a couple of OCR races under my belt and if I couldn't land a spear throw sooner or later I might of had to pick up a new hobby. 
Near the end of the race I started screaming with JOY. 


Then I started to run my lap and the guy next to me asked, "are you just starting your race?" 

Um no, I'm dying and I have five more obstacles to go and my foot hurts but I'm putting off so much high vibe energy right now I might as well just have started. 

It was my moment :) I finally made my spear throw.


ooooooohhhhhhhh...... No we didn't do this obstacle but they had it. 
Making this place super duper cool.

What the fuck was up with this obstacle? Ok so elite couldn't use the foot hold. 
How the heck do you go across this? just How? My brain is still asking the question.
I requested a video.

close up of rig one and two.

Monkey bars and under the stairs. that white thing in the left side of the picture is the tube you can climb up if you can't jump to the bars. There is also  wall climbing holds on that two x four on the top left of the picture. 

Queen Peggy. 

Slack line with holds.

traverse wall.

Oh yeah and did  I mention over 6 miles of running? After every obstacle you had to jump the walls and do a lap around the building. If you missed the obstacle after your elite 5 tries you had to do a lap with a pallet of your back and then a lap of just running. 

But a lot of fun and I grew as a OCR racer that day.

Also a friend that I met at the Monterey Race came out to do this with me.
I met the people who threw this race at the Obstacle course specialist training in Monterey.

So it was a nice Spartan reunion taken to a whole different level. 

Would definitely do this race again!

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  1. So glad you had a great time, Jenni! It definitely was your race--and getting that spear throw--I would totally jump and cry for joy as well. I was impressed with your fierce determination, never giving up, and that wall flip! Super big snaps, girl! I'm not brave enough to try it, even though you and Brakken made it look super duper cool. See you at the OCR Royal Race #3!!