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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The July Challenge

So I decided to post on Challenge for July on my Facebook page.
FB- JenniFire Atherton
This challenge has been really cool and a lot of people are up for it!
I made it into an event.
If you haven't worked out in a while and want to add something simple to do at home-
the challenge is a great start.
I posted a great video on how to start with wall push ups, to box/ bench push ups to knee push ups to one leg push ups.
Instagram MountainCrewFitness
If you workout all the time and want to add some more fun into the mix.
This is something to keep your attention for a month.
We are on day 8.
I have some people just doing the push ups.
I have some people matching squats to push ups.
I have some people adding sit ups to squats.
But my personal experience with this challenge is my friend requesting I do
 the challenge for time and adding 100 burpees a day.
Because, you know, like why not?
So today I will be working on 800 burpees before my Kings Camp race tomorrow.
Let me tell you how I feel about burpees after 800 in 8 days.
WOW, Just WOW.
They are still really hard and I have to break them up in 10's.
I give myself one minute on and one minute off.
I can complete 100 burpees in under 20 minutes.
My arms feel like jello but they are building.
My abs are poppin and my butt is getting bigger.
I mean- really- if we really wanted to get down to basics of fitness here-
this is the one exercise you can do everyday and get ripped.
But I mean the top athletes do like 200-300 a day.
And 100 has been a mental challenge for me.
I usually do them at the end of the day. Probably not the best idea. But hey I'm still doing them!
And then I fasica blast after.
ok so if you haven't heard about FB check out this page
This is what I do after my 100 burpees and I feel so much better!
Will post results after a month.
If you are looking to improve your fitness. Try this challenge and add 100 burpees a day.
Believe me you will feel the difference.
Or check in to my facebook page and see what challenge I'm doing this month and join the fun.
Confession: Sometimes I question why I lead the challenge- really there is no way out of it for me. People are counting on me and I'm holding them accountable for doing it. Like today, I would really like to take a rest day. It's 9:25 p.m. and I have a race day tomorrow.
Better STFU and get it over with.
Post it and go to bed.
Nighty night.

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