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Friday, June 9, 2017

The weekend of May 27 and 28th

So a rest weekend huh?

Yup I hit some great races in May (Avenue of the Giants 10k, Atlantas woman's run and Bay to Breakers). The last weekend I didn't have a race scheduled but it was a much needed REST weekend. I did teach a boot camp class at Southern Humboldt Fitness and killed every ones ABS (hey they wanted an AB class!) and then went home with a great list of things to do around the property but I ended up lying in bed reading this really great book.

The Champions Mind to be exact. It was awesome and I wrote quotes all over the inside of the wood shed that I'm currently sleeping in (Spartan Race recommended the living situation to make me tough- and it's working!!!). This is where being single rocks!

It was awesome.

I have to stress to you the importance of rest days. Not only was my body resting to get me fully recovered for the big race ahead (Monterey) but my mind also got a chance to rest and I made some better life decisions.

 I decided to complete the running schedule my coach gave me- I wasn't completely focused on my training while I was training some new clients. I focused on my goals. I ate better and slept better. It was like a nice little reset for my life.

 I always TRY to take a least one rest day a week but Life happens so sometimes I get two half rest days and sometimes I don't. At least I try to get 8 hours of sleep a night so I can function the next day. I'm pretty good about it but again life happens and the moon cycles are always changing.

To all my crews out there- please take a rest day once a week! It helps your mind, body and soul. Schedule it. You are so worth it and you will function better in life if you take a day to rest and restore yourself every week, or at least once a month. YOU CAN DO IT! The benefits are amazing!

Listening to your body and tuning into YOU is one of the best things you can do!

Sometimes we wait until we are sick and can't get out of bed for days. With a rest day you can prevent this by helping your immune system get back on track and fight off the stress that has built up during the week, month and year.

You can really reflect on things and your life. You can get centered and really nail all your goals for the following week.


Some people completely beat themselves up for taking a rest day- DON'T= just Don't.

Enjoy your rest day! You deserve it and it makes you a better person.

CONFESSION: I would ideally take every Saturday off and completely rest! I am trying to schedule that into my life but it might have to be another day since most races are on Saturday. And I have to take time to travel to races and back. I'm sure there is a day in the week that can be considered my rest day that is perfect. I'm just figuring out which day that would be. 2018 goals!


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