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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Personal Training Cert. To havasupai MArch 25th- April 1st, 2017

Hey Crew,

This week I'm catching you up on my life from the moment I got back from Las Vegas Spartan Super and Sprint to The moment I raised my prices for my Personal Training this last weekend. Everyday will be a new post on my lastest and greatest adventures.

Here it goes.

I came home from Las Vegas- DEAD TIRED. Maybe 8 hours of sleep all weekend? I love my sleep and this pretty much left me incapable of functioning in life. So I went to bed at 5 p.m. and woke up the next day at 9 a.m. Ready to study for my Personal Training Test.

I studied all week. Went over everything and just thought to myself that I have been studying all winter and this was not a time to fail. I had to bring my all to succeed at this because I just didn't have time to do it over. I get one shot at this test and it is going to take my entire mind, body and soul to complete... so be it.

Long story short- I PASSED! and got right onto a plane to Arizona.

Mental exhaustion is a real thing. Your brain takes up 20% of your energy and it runs on fat.

I was exhausted! but accomplished!

Then jumping into AZ with a really fit friend that I had a hard time keeping up with.
This was a challenge in itself but I had a great time.

Starting off with a hike up Camel Back.
This hike was intense. I had to stop due to leg fatigue. And people have died out here.
But the view at the top was amazing!
My buddy said once we did this hike, the 4 hour hike in and out of the Grand Canyon would be easy.
The next day we headed straight to Sedona, Az. (Seriously if you are traveling with a gemini you got to be prepared to GO GO GO.)

Beautiful! ENERGETIC! VORTEX!!! Amazing earthly beauty.
And then we decided to go camping. I bought a 32 degree sleeping bag thinking I was going to be ready for anything. I was not ready for 31 degrees lol. I FROOZE my butt off that night and had to wrap myself in a contractor bag just to stay slightly warm that night. Should of just slept in the truck.
The hike in was grueling but worth it. I should of packed my bag higher up instead of out. This made the suck... suck even more!

But for places like this it was awesome!


Food available in the canyon.

Water available in the canyon.



Me and my selfie stick :)

Here is all the direction you get. Good thing I had a guide.
My shoulders hurt. BAD.



This is me when we finally got to the camp site. I was sleep deprived from the night before and needed a nap!

This is how we cook when camping! and now in hotel rooms and really anywhere!

Going down to Mooney falls

There is only one way up and one way down here.


Then I found a floaty bed and used that for sleeping on while camping. It rocked!

It snowed on the way out.

I PRAYED that a couple would come up to us and sell us some mule passes. I finally gave up and BOOM this super hot couple had the tickets. This made the walk out of the canyon about a million times better. I enjoyed myself. I was still tired and my buddy had to walk behind me and push me to the top. $30 for a mule to carry our your stuff. MONEY CAN BUY HAPPINESS!

Amazing views at the top!
Then I flew back to Cali and completed the Spartan Sprint the next day.

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