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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bay to Breakers, San Francisco May 21, 2017

Bucket list race!

I was raised in the Bay Area and completed my schooling there and Bay to Breakers was always right before finals- and being a good student I decided to spend my Sunday Studying instead of partying across the city of SF.

Not this year!

A running buddy of mine actually recommended it one day about 7 months ago. I looked it up and bought tickets the day the event opened up. This just happened to be right around Halloween so I had my costume picked out 6 months in advanced. I didn't even care if I didn't wear my costume on Halloween- it was now my new race costume. (People didn't believe me that I would plan this far ahead for a race.... ohhhhh buddy).

So race day. We got the shuttle from Millbrae to take us to the starting line! Worked out great- very organized, parking was easy. Then when we got to the city ONLY ONE VOLUNTEER KNEW WHERE WE COULD GET OUT PICK UP PACKETS. ONE. After walking back and forth through SF we found out that we had to go to the Hyatt Regency on the second floor in the back to get our stuff. We got there early and beat a long line.

We also weren't allowed to bring back packs and you could buy a clear backpack at the event center the day before- they weren't strict about this rule. We carried phones, cameras and bars in a zip lock baggie and ran with it in our hands.

kinda hard to see but they did throw tortillas around in the air all morning.
OK now starting time. We signed up for the 10-11 min. miles. This was a mistake. We realized our mistake when the 7-8 minute miles were WALKING in their crazy costumes to the start line. These were experienced racers. This was the time we should of signed up for.

With the crazy construction in SF and the ridiculous amount of people in SF at the time- We waiting for 30 minutes and we weren't even close to starting. So we made a decision to jump into another corral. People in San Francisco are smart and instead of jumping the 4 foot barricade (we are Spartans) someone just unhooked it and we slipped right into the next corral.

Then we walked to the starting line.

This photo got a lot of comments on my facebook page because of this guys butt!

Bay to Breakers in SF is questionable. I mean I admire them for getting people out into the street and exercising for any reason they can. This race was a serious race ( top finishers completed it in just over 30 minutes (12k)) plus a costume race, plus a costume walk, plus a costume spectators watching, plus gay pride, plus day party, plus naked old man day- all in one. Oh and some people also brought their dogs!

But my friend and I are actual runners. We jogged through the race, weaving our way through the crowd, killing it on the hill (I mean there are breaks where it is flat) and had a lovely run through the city to the beach. People were walking to the finish line, which made it a little frustrating to have a strong finish but hey... it was a fun race.... should of signed up for an earlier time.

It was warm at the start and cool at the finish.

Anyone stuck in traffic was screwed and we got our metals and Tshirts and free whatever and hopped on the shuttle and headed back.

Then we got full body massages... it was really nice!

We finished the 12k in one hour and 20 minutes!

Longing race in the United States (over 100 years old!) and very fun.
If I was going to sign up again, I would sign up for an earlier time.

SF is changing so much. There is so much traffic and construction. It's not the place I grew up.

CONFESSION: It was fun but I don't think I would do it again. Way more interested in Trail running and the Running Jenn met the Party Jenn and yeah we decided we need to move on to bigger and better challenges.



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