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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Avenue of the Giants 10k May 7th, 2017 Weott, Ca

This was my most entertaining race - only because I got a friend who doesn't like to run or race to sign up and his reaction to everything was the total opposite of everyone else I know who is excited and actually interested in the event.

His friends signed him up for the Super in Hawaii- tricking him into thinking that they were going to rent out a mansion for the week following the race. The idea might have just been a pipe dream and now he has come to the realization that he might get stuck into goint to Hawaii only to race.

He wished there was a local race he could do in California, over the weekend and just go home.

He walked himself right into this. I suggested the Ave race and he signed up.

We met at Benbow INN at 6:30 a.m. for the Free coffee and snack they provide for the racers that stay there. We also checked out the new bar and front desk.

My friend was cranky. He asked why does the race have to start so early? And complained he didn't get his morning bowel movement in before the race.

my dad and I
He wasn't hungry. And questioned what time I got up to actually eat breakfast. I had made breakfast the night before and stored it in a tupperware container and ate it on the drive to the race.

Then we got to the race and signed in and watched the marathoners go first. Which I found very exciting. He asked when we were racing and I said we had another hour. ANOTHER HOUR! HE COULD OF BEEN SLEEPING! lol I explained we had an hour to socialize with the other runners and stretch and warm up.

We practiced double unders.... We talked to other racers from our gym.

And we hit the starting line and he said I'll just meet you at the finish line.

Which was fine.... eventually everyone just races their own race.

I LOVE THE AVE RUN. I did the half marathon last year and it was wonderful. The energy of the forest is amazing! The run is mostly flat. And it's shaded by redwood trees. It's right along the river. It one of my favorite runs in the world.
I came in 127th place. My time was 1:00:47 so I had 9:47 minute miles and was 13 / 57 female in my age group.

When the event was over I made a B line straight to the watermelon and decided I could EAT IT ALL. Then my friends came and we walked away.

When I heard that the first place guy did it in around 40 minutes my friend was so surprized that he ran for over 40 minutes straight! I found this hilarious! Ignorance is bliss.

We all had a good time.

Some other friends that I met up with went really hard and made sure to wave to me at the turn around.

One bruised the bottom of her foot and hurt her calf.

My friend hurt the top of his foot.

And this is why I suggest you train for events! Yes you can run hard during them but if you don't train, It will effect you the following weeks after.
voted best race picture

CONFESSION: one day I will run a 6 minute mile on this course. I imagined how it would feel, what I would wear and the pace and breathe it would take to get there. It was amazing and fun. Keep Dreaming! One day your dreams will come true!



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