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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

46th Atalanta Victory Run 2M & 8K, 10:00 am, Sun, 5/14/17, Mother's Day. Arcata, Ca.

CONFESSION: I like to race because there are some really hot guys that run with their shirts off and I enjoy soaking up the eye candy. I had to come into my first womens race with a new set of eyes (literally)!
bib matched my pants!

Ok now that we got that out of the way Let's talk about my first all womens race I completed last month.

It was awesome! Complete with pink bibs and everything!

I did the 8k on Mothers Day (My mom happily stayed at home in bed ).

The only guy I saw that actually signed up to an all womens race with his daughter! WAY TO GO!!!

My friend from SHF who placed Second and Her Mother in Law!

My other Friend from SHF and her mom :)
So this was a local race, meaning it was a 2 hour drive to get there and a 2 hour drive back- but I fit in a costco trip so it was worth it! When you live in the middle of nowhere, you just get used to driving to come to civilization.

I was early and had plently of time to run around and warm up. And then everyone found their way to the starting line.

best shirts ever!

Do you know what happens when you put all the women in the area together at the starting line? They all start talking. And they don't stop. It didn't matter that they were making announcements about the race. I didn't really hear anything the announcer said. Nor did I really care. A very loud fog horn might of worked to get the front rows attention. And we were off!

I haven't explored that part of Arcata before but it was nice and relatively flat. Farms and hippy houses. It was cool.

It was also hot. The 8k seemed pretty long to me (maybe because this was the first race I wore pants on a hot day and it taxed my legs).
 Hot mom's passed me as they pushed their strollers with multiply children in them.
Old ladies out ran me.

But I waved to all the farmers out there with a huge smile.
The road was in pretty decent shape (better than foggy bottoms).

And we got a ribbon and flowers as our trophy for a job well done.

I ran 5 miles for a flower- never done that before!
I ran 5 miles in 50:43 which means I had a 10:13 minute mile and I came in 33rd place.

best finisher photo :)




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