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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Write a love letter

Hey Crews,

I'm always pushing you to increase your physical health and spiritual wellbeing but today I want to talk about money.

If you don't have a good relationship with money and would like a better one, today I would like you to write a love letter to money and see how you really feel about money and ways your relationship with money can improve.

I'll start.

Dear Money,

I love you. I really really love you. I love having you in my life. You help me get everything I need to live the life of my dreams. You are always there for me. You are always showing up in my life in different and fun ways. I love making you. You come into my life so easily. I save and invest you and you always come back bigger and better than before. What can I do to help you come into my life easier? How can I improve on making you and investing in you? I appreciate you and I'm so grateful for everything you give me. Thank you for connecting me to a lot of really wonderful people in this world. Thank you for helping me support my friends, family and dreams. I put some of you aside to give back to the community and spread you around. You make my life enjoyable and easy. Sometimes you're  a little scarce but I know and trust that you will always come around and support me. Thank you for everything! I love your abundance. I love your positive energy. I love having you in my life.


Now it's your turn. Write a love letter to money. Express your feelings toward it. Money is energy and the way you feel about money can reflect your feelings on other things in life. Especially life in general. When in doubt be greateful. The universe is fulfilling your every need and desire. You are a vibrational being.... what vibrations are you putting out into the universe?

May money be with you always!

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