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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spartan Vegas Weekend- Saint Patty's Day 2017

Who schedules a race on Saint Patricks Weekend in Vegas? Spartan.

Well it was actually a little over an hour outside of Las Vegas, up route 15 in Mesquite, Az.

One week later I was headed to Supai in the right hand side of the map here.

But this post is all about Vegas.

The first part of my two and a half week vacation.
And I NEVER take a Vacation. EVER.
But I turned 30 this year and have no kids, no boyfriend, and no real critical responsibilities so I decided to enjoy myself for my birthday month.
Exploring the world to find my true purpose in life, to connect with family, and to see my physical, mental and spiritual capabilities through the next stage of my life.
And to celebrate all my accomplishments and the many more that will come in the future.
I had a great time.
Racing on 4 hours of sleep was a new experience.
 Running in sand for 8 miles was also a new experience.

I raced competitive both days.

The Super was on Saturday... After reading the Facebook page for West Coast Spartans it was recommended to wear a hydration pack and bandana. It was hot, but since I was racing early 8:45a.m. It was still bearable to race outside.

My innov8's hurt my feet and I knew I had to get new racing shoes by the end of this if I was going to survive another day.

Also, I have never had luck wearing a hydration pack on these races. The last super I ran in Patterson, Ca (Diablo Grande) and I ended up carrying 2 liters of water with me during the entire race after going through the muddy barbed wire crawl and some dude telling me that I will get the shits if I drink out of my straw.

On this race, one of the first obstacles was the Over, Under, Through and My bladder decided to burst during the under, leaving my bottom wet and me carrying an almost empty pack through most of the race.

 I got some OCR knee pads after my wipe out on the slip wall in Arizona last month. They were awesome and helped me enjoy crawling through the mud, rocks and dirt. Doing penalty burpees and overcoming obstacles throughout the race.

Dunk wall was nice and I totally copied the first place guy from Foggy Bottoms pose but it was awesome and the camera guy did the same move right back at me.

I made it a lot farther on the obstacles I was struggling with last time.
Almost made it to the end of the 3 type holds on the 45 degree wall with some tips from the volunteer. My arms gave out and the volunteer let me know they added two walls since most guys just breezed right through that obstacle. Last year I would of made it, this year is a little bit of a struggle but I got the technique down.
Missed the spear throw, made it through the first section of the twister. Made it through the Z wall, rope climb, water tube flip, barbed wire, and over 8 and 9 foot walls all by myself.
This was my first solo spartan race and I really enjoyed it.
Confession: I did all the penalty burpees.
 During my last races I only did 15 burpees for each obstacle missed.
But then I watched The Rise of the Suffer Fest Documentary (the only documentary I ever bought and probably ever will because it wasn't on Netflix- which makes it even cooler!)
And after watching it I have some deep respect for Joe Desena. He got 10,000 likes on his Spartan Facebook page and did burpees for 24 hours- filmed it and everything. He is always pushing people to drive their inner animal and athlete and his purpose in life is to make OCR an Olympic sport. So yes, I did 30 burpees this race for every obstacle I missed which means I did over 200 burpees this weekend, (This is where the knee pads helped as my push ups became knee push ups), Because I deeply respect the man behind the race, and I look up to him. He is a true leader. Thank you Desena!  
Another blog post on the Documentary later.

 Z wall

Another obstacle I missed and figured out how to build at home to practice. You have to go up the tube to two rings then a ball then a rope and ring the bell. I can't get past the balls and bought some to practice on at home. I also bought the ropes.
This obstacle is really fun, up the back and down the front.

They had a crazy steep hill and you had to go over the tires. HARD is all I can say about this.

This was a new one. I guess to mimic the tire flip. These tubes were filled with water which made it harder to flip. Rope climb in the back.
Day 2- Sprint.
Another 4 hour sleep night and I thought this was going to be a breeze.
Being extremely tired and fatigued from a hard race the day before made this race very difficult.
On the last obstacle my hands were bleeding from a blister popping and my cousin made me buy gloves. Fit fours!
But I bought some new shoes that I really liked- the Reebok all terrains! Highly recommended!!!!!!

I really like the rectangle sand bags that they have in Arizona. So much easier to place on shoulders than the pancakes!

This sports bra got very heavy in the water and I felt like I was flashing everyone. Dang Cotton... Tight sports bras for races work a lot better!
After this obstacle was the slip wall, were my cousin just happened to be sitting. It was soooooooooo slippery I couldn't get up and after my wipe out on this obstacle last month my confidence really declined. I had to burpee out of it but next time I get caught in this situation I will go all the way up the rope and hold it as I slide down to get all the water out of the rope and then go up the same rope again. It was intense and I did see on facebook people making a human wall just to get up the obstacle.

I was sick of rolling so I started scooting and rolled only under the wire and scooted in between the wire. Knee pads were awesome on this obstacle.

The guy in red and I were talking in the burpee zone. He came from New York and did a race recently that was -8 degrees... why? How did your fingers not break off??? He did the Super twice (once in elite and once with his boys) and was planning on doing an ultra beast next.
Now some sad news about the race: Someone died.
During the 2017 Las Vegas Super, we lost not only a Spartan, but a retired officer of the Henderson Police Department. He was a father, and a husband. Randy has been Spartan racing for years, and was a dedicated and influential figure in his community
I also want this to help raise awareness in the Spartan community as well, if you see anyone needing help, please stop to always give your aid, because anything can happen in our races. RIP Randy.
He had a heart attack during the race this weekend.
Go fund me link to help the family with expenses:
My condolences to the family- if you can help, please donate some money to the family who lost.
Then there was this guy
Tim Frame thought it would be a good idea to race with crutches. When he tried to jump the fire he ate it hard and asked the facebook Spartan community if he had to do burpees since he missed the obstacle. I had to comment on this post and say WHY ARE YOU RACING IN CRUTCHES? He just got his hip replaced and decided to race anyway. We now call him smokey.

Next up is Diablo Grande Tomorrow. Sprint!

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  1. This was my second time attending an event at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show). Everything was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee at LA venues was wonderful.