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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The last night in my own bed for 2.5 weeks

I'm flossing and part of the floss broke off in my teeth and I can't get it out.

I have 3 bags packed. Complete with yoga bibles, personal training manuals, yoga mats and straw hats.

Clothes for hot weather, race gear including knee pads for OCRs, bathing suits and I also question the right amount of underwear to bring.

This is going to be the last night In my bed for 2.5 weeks.
I hate traveling, I hate taking vacations, I hate leaving home.

When you live in the most beautiful place in the world, you will understand.

But I turned 30 this month and I should celebrate 30 wonderful years with an extra long race-cation. Seeing friends and family, adventuring into the unknown, and burning through lots of cold hard cash.

I can't wait to come home and get back to work and I haven't even left yet.

I hope to come back with 3 race metals, 3 new race shirts, lots of Facebook and Instagram and blog photos, memories of a life time, and maybe $20 to get me home. Plus something really good to eat.

I already miss my bed, and I'm in it as I write this.

I'm also hoping to come back as a new person.
I'll be taking my Personal Training test March 25, and I pray to God for a passing score.
I want to pass the first time. I think I will make an awesome PT.

I will complete 3 more Spartan races, 2 of which I will be racing solo.
I hope to learn a lot about my self and my inner strengths.

I will be backpacking in the Grand Canyon, stopping in Sedona ( the most energetic aligned place in the world or something of that nature) and whatever else my friend Chris has up his sleeve. Hoping to fit in a couple awesome yoga pictures and videos. I'm  Traveling with a Gemini so I won't be surprised if I get the tour of the whole state. As long as his truck doesn't blow up again we should be fine.

I will be in Las Vegas, touring the Eiffel Tower watching the water show, going to see 10,000 maniacs (it's a band) racing, celebrating saint Patrick's day sober in Vegas (always something new to experience), visiting friends from Humboldt, and getting some sleep and a little bit of studying in. Maybe my cousin will even come to my race.

Then coming back to the Bay Area and racing Diablo ( with my workout partner that got my into racing), visiting my sister and heading home.

I also hope to fit in seeing my bestie who has a matching Tattoo and who I bought a tattoo in Vegas with on her 24th birthday.

Whew! If I'm leaving town.... I'm seeing all of your faces.

You got to be in shape to live the life of your dreams.

Wish me luck,

I'll keep you updated.

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