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Friday, March 24, 2017

My First week with meal prep


Yes, that pretty much explains this transformation process I went throught this week.

When I opened the fridge there was food already prepaired.

Yes, on the first day I opened the fridge many times to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I didn't have to cook one thing all week- wait, I might of made an omlette... but thats it!

I'm really looking forward to this Monday where I can get my meals together for the following week.

But it was a challenge getting here.

I was never looking forward to cooking. EVER!

Because my old way of cooking was waiting until I was absolutly starving and then burning whatever I was cooking because I couldn't wait to eat.

The old me is dead!

Food prep is so much more efficient. I have used everything in my fridge and anything that I didn't use will be added to a smoothie for the following week. well... somethings will and somethings will be recycled into something else.

We are talking 0% food waste here folks!!!!!!!!!

I work hard for my money and to buy food that will just rot in my fridge or I will forget to eat because I was in a rush to put a meal together is a FUCKING WASTE OF TIME.

It's a sin. It should be illegal. it's bad. it's wrong. NO MORE.

Here is my new method.

Sunday night... ok so this is when everyone in the fitness industry is making their meals... either they bought all their food on Saturday or Sunday morning and are prepairing it for the week on Sunday sometime.

Great Idea but ofcourse I can't do what everyone else is doing. PLUS I have worked in health food stores before and I know that they are watching this "buying trend" and have to re-stock their shelves sometime.

Well lucky for me I had a dentist appt. last monday morning at the wonderful hour of 8a.m. where I had to cancel my exercise and yoga class in town (not happy about that) and I had to stop into Rays to grab some food for my meal prepping...

WELLLLLLLLLLLL Monday morning is when they are re-stocking their shelves from last week. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. All the fresh produce I got from the super market I was getting out of the case on the floor. Before everyone in town's hands have touched it and picked through it. Before it was even put on the shelf.


OK so I was super miss procrastonator with this food prep stuff. I Really didn't want to do it. I even thought about putting out an ad saying "I will marry the first guy who can run faster than me and food prep all my meals." When you really don't want to do something you can come up with some very clever ways to get out of them.

who am I kidding? Am I really going to find a guy like that around here? Or anywhere?
And even if I did find him, he would think I was a slow and lazy POS so I needed a new tactic.

So I finally googled "how to food prep" and Sundays are usually when I get my workouts together for the week so since my class was cancelled it was a good time to transition.

I found a lot of really great articles.

 And I was really hungry because I was too tired to cook and had nothing really to cook in my house even if I could cook.

And the whole thing turned into a downward spiral so I knew now was the time to make some changes.

#1. Being hungry and looking up recipes works for me.

I even wrote them down! My goal is to try 1 new recipe every week in my scheduled meal prep time. This is something the nutritionist recommended. Or maybe she recommended one change a month.

Well the change I made last week was stop buying protein bars and make my own version at home.


Plus my oven situation is kinda funny right now so I picked some no-bake recipes.

So my new recipe was protein balls.

take oats and granola and cinnamon and raisins and mix them with peanut butter and honey and make them into little balls. freeze so they will stick and then eat them.


They were the first thing eaten in the fridge and next week I will add coconut and cranberries and whatever the heck else I have in the fridge.

OK so now I'm going back to Monday morning and how I prepare all my meals for the week.

First I complete clean out my fridge and put everything on the counter. Wipe down the fridge (maybe defrost if necessary) so I really see EVERYTHING I have.

Then I get out all the tupperware (it's good to put it away with the lid on so you don't lose the lid in the process) and figure out what meal I am making and in what container I will store it in.

I started out with oatmeal. Sometimes breakfast works out first. I made two batchs of quick cut oats and stored them in two diffent containers. Putting them on the breakfast shelf (the top shelf and yes it is labeled with a post it note that has been taped there). Then I put things that I would like to have in my oatmeal on the breakfast shelf. Dried fruit. coconut milk. apple.

I also put a bag of spinach on the breakfast shelf with some eggs as my omlette area.

Then I focused on lunch. I want to eat more salads so I got 6 containers and divided all my lettuce and tomatoes and everything in my little salad stations- no dressing. Put them on the lunch shelf. They also recommend putting salads in mason jars with the dressing in the bottom so when you empty it on a plate the salad is on the bottom with dressing on top. I'm not there yet. You can also add quinoa to salads.

For dinner I made two huge salad bowls (my tupperware wasn't big enough for this but I will look for some because covering it in plastic didn't keep it as Fresh as I wanted). Brown rice and vegetables and quinoa. Dinner is kinda a mix and match shelf.

Now the bottom drawer is snacks. We buy a lot of carrotts because we have a rabbit but one rabbit can only eat so many carrots. So I cut them up and put them in slightly larger tupperware with prepackaged hummus that is from costco. boom. snack drawer. Dreams do come true!

Then I premade about 10 smoothies- using up all my kiwis- seriously like 20 kiwis. Skin on.

Do you eat kiwis with the skin or without? please comment below I would really like to know.

I also used kale and banana and ok mostly kiwi. But we bought a bunch of frozen berries at costco and I can't wait to make my next smoothie round for next week. Today is Saturday and I'm out of smoothies and that's ok. I will make a few extra so I don't come into this situaiton again. I was really against smoothies because I live off grid and would have to turn on the generator but now I'm really into them when I make a lot at one time.

Plus I stored them on the smoothie shelf and breakfast shelf. I love having a smoothie shelf.

What I didn't use I put on a plate on the shelf in my kitchen. I had a quarter of a cabbage (I really tried to use the whole cabbage... will get better at it) and a sweet potato that just came out of the oven and part of a mango that wasn't quite ripe. They will be added in next week.

So yeah food prep is awesome. I will never go back to cooking 3 times a day. Who has time for that?

This week I'm going to try egg muffins with spinach and feta and tomato! YUMMY!

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