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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Foggy Bottoms 3/12/17

Another Metal for the year Rac #5/17
I'm not kidding when I said I was dying. 5 mins in the fat burning zone for a warm up and 32 minutes of cardio. THanks to my new watch I will be adding in heart rate to my reviews for racing.
The list was up right away. Very organized!

The local race crew!
I love spring <3
warming up in the grave yard, talking about how we want to remembered when we die and jump roping on a RESERVED grave... seriously there was no headstone for all I know they could be reserving that grave for ME.

Do you like the smell of cow shit while you run hard? Then this is the run for you!

Foggy Bottoms located in Ferndale, Ca was holding their 40th annual run.

You could run 2, 4, or 10 miles on a Hot Sunday Afternoon.

We warmed up in the Ferndale Graveyard, I have a really nice picture of it on my instagram GETITJENNIFIRE, If you have instagram check it out.

This was a really fun family event and people of all ages showed up.


We decided to run the 4 mile, which started at noon. We met up with some friends that teach the Tabata Class in Garberville.


My goal time for this race was under 36 minutes. Seriously looking at 35:59 and I would of been stoked. But I completed the race in 36:47. So shoot for the moon and you will reach the stars.

The guy who finished first's photo. Epic and I hope to copy his effortless style
It was a flat run. Very organized. No wait for the bathroom but a hand washing station would of been nice.

It was HOT! After over 100 inches of rain this winter, we got a 70 degree day to run in. Which made it harder since we aren't acclimated to running in the heat yet.
second places photo

The run was down the streets of Ferndale, then through some farm lands. The roads through the farm lands had a LOT of pot holes. You would think this could create a liability for the race directors since one small mistep and someone could really twist an ankle. I hope next year they fill the holes up.

Also the aroma of the race. I have never rated race for aroma but this race seriously smelled like cow shit. My friend who raced with me thought it was great and reminded her of growing up on a farm. She mooed at the cows, loved watching the lambs, and even picked out her favorite farm house.

I, on the other hand, raised in the city and prefer pollution to cow poop, was getting use to taking in deep breathes of the methane gas from cow manure. I thought it was disgusting. Really - running hard and smelling cow shit was gross.

Every race I have run so far didn't get rated on aroma because usually they are out in the middle of nowhere which has breathable air. This cow town shit made it very hard to take big deep breathes for sucking wind. LOL.


It was hard, trying to make my goal time- we really pushed it. My friend hasn't even run since the Half-marathon in Oracle, AZ. She was tramatized by the 18 degree run in Oracle and decided to wear capris and a tank. She was hot.

I was hot. I wore my shorts and a shirt that is very light and breathable. I was sweating where my backpack touched my back and had to lift off my shirt in the back and lift my shorts.

We met another woman who was a friend of a friend and kept pace with her. She beat us by 15 seconds and she shouldn't of even ran the event since she was training for a body building competition in 6 weeks. She can run 6-7 minute miles but she was taking it easy. She wouldn't let us beat her and in the last stretch picked it up. I paced with her for about 10 seconds when my friend said "go ahead, I'm staying back" and after a year of running with her, I have learned to completely trust her judgement. So I came back to our 9 minute mile pace for the finish.

I was dying. The only reason I was smiling in the race picture was because I made friends with the photographer Yoon, and he remembered my name when he took the picture. Otherwise it would of been a picture of me flipping the camera off.

I made it to the finish line. Seriously that was it. After I crossed the finish line I stopped and put my hands on my knees. I made it!

The people handing out metals told me to keep walking toward them to get my metal. THen I layed down on my back like a turtle with my backpack and absorbed the cold ground. This was the only race my friend and I said the shade felt nice and we literally sat in the shade for 10 minutes until we saw my dad cross the finish line.

Refueled with water and gatorade, chips, peanut butter filled pretzels and bananas.

We stayed to watch the 2 mile race. The guy who won did it in under 10 minutes. Seriously the guy is a beast.
lots of kids in the 2 mile race

Great race. Really fun local event. Bring a nose plug if you don't like the smell of cow shit.

Maybe next year do the 10 mile?






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