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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Just watched a great documentary on steroids last night.

I was really excited to watch the rise of the suffer fest on Netflix but my friend told me it wasn't available soooo the next best thing was a doc called bigger, faster, stronger.

It helped me understand why guys love steroids so much as my friend expressed his insecurities about his self image to me as well. My friend related to the guy in the doc and gave me a lot of information on performance enhancing drugs.

I protested watching it at first but it was forced upon me so when that happens I know the universe is telling me I need something instead of want something.

Halfway through I thanked my friend for forcing me to watch this doc.

This really explained the fitness industry recreational use of steroids.

He replied with sometimes I  just need a push. ( to learn new things, not to take steroids)

what really turned me on during the doc. Was an oxygen deprivation bed one of the Olympic athletes used to increase performance. He sets it at 13,000 ft.

He got his metal taken away because his blood count was too high. Not because of drug use.

He said it was really simple to make and sleeps in it all the time.

I WANT ONE.............................................BAD.

Do you know how that would effect my race game?????

It would be insane!

That's the high everyone's looking for.... Getting that edge to be the best and win.

How American of us I know.

I know a lot of people want to WIN. Including me.

The best thing I can tell you is do the best you can everyday.
You are a winner already.
Yes there are drugs and beds and things that help you get that edge.

Now it's just a question of morals.

Get your morals right and when you win, nobody can take it away from you. You win forever.

There are winners who cheat and there are winners who won fairly due to obsession on doing the right thing.

Your choice.
Your history you want to leave behind.

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  1. Every thing has two sides: good and bad. If you abide by the rules, it is good, the abuse is bad. Do not listen to others say but evaluate something. I'm also a steroids user, and it's really good and fast.