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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spartan Season Pass

My confession: I bought the Spartan Season Pass for the year 2017.

I already signed up for 4 races (around $150 each) and I'm planning on doing more, so this is a great way to save money if you want to race a lot in the year.

But I didn't like their way to sign up for Spartan races with the elite pass.
I have a email address that is connected to the season pass and use it to log in with chrono track.

Well that was going great until I said I would like them to post my results on my facebook page.

 Then I couldn't log out of facebook and my facebook email is different from my chronotrack email.

 So when I said I would like facebook notifications on my race results I couldn't get my season pass discount and it went to the regular price.

This was very frustrating.

Tech support was awesome and I had to reset my history on my laptop.

They didn't recommend using an ipad or smart phone.

 I had to reset my history on my computer before I signed up for each race individually. (yes I had to reset my history 4 times!)

Once I figured it out it was fine but the learning curve was frustrating.

Spartan Races I'm planning on doing this year include:

Arizona Feb 25, 26 ( Staying with a buddy who is going to drive me around so saving on hotel and rental car plus I get to use his kitchen :)

March 18 and 19 Vegas ( Staying with a family member but renting my own car, get to use their kitchen)

April 2nd Diablo (Might stay with a family member in the bay area and drive over that morning and then stay with another family member in that area that evening )

May Montana (I really want to do this but not sure if it's going to happen)

June 3rd Monterrey (Family member and kitchen and bringing my own car)

August Hawaii (I do have a friend who lives out in Hawaii now maybe crash on his couch but need to get a rental car)

Sept. Tahoe (need to get a room but I'll have my own car)

Oct LA

Nov Sac and Sf

Dec LA

So yeah for $825 I can have unlimited races. With a little planning and a lot of money management for racing I'm going to get it done.

This is my 30 mid-life crisis in action :)

Also there is a 6 rivers running club membership I might get as well to save money on local races.

If you like to race and there is a group you race with I really recommend looking into the membership they provide.

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