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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

fig newtons

So I got a suggestion to eat fig newtons from a crossfit friend at a crossfit competition.

And I tried it.

First, where they were located in the store was a dead give away this was a mistake.

I usually buy everything on the outside perimeter of the store, but this was on an inner aisle.

Second, can you eat just one? I don't think so.

So half the package later- I hit the gym.

And I questioned why I was even at the gym.

I had no energy and #25 weights felt like #100.

Then I had to teach yoga and couldn't sit comfortably on my block.

Plus all I could think about was going out to the car and eating the whole package.

Bad news.

Don't do it.

Thumbs down.

Too much sugar. Sugar crash. Not a great workout food at all. Plus its proccessed so the more WHOLE foods you eat the better.

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