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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Entering the ZONE

Well it looks like this is going to turn into a food blog... starting right now.


I love food.

I'm sure you love food too.

Food is the way into a man's heart.

It's a way into my heart as well.

Pretty much anyone will love you if you feed them, right?

This is why we all love our mothers.


So my buddy gave me this book called "Getting into the Zone" by Dr. Sears.

I don't typically pay particularly close attention to guys who say they know something about fitness and nutrition when they eat pizza and drink beer. Put your money where your mouth is bro. (Hawaiian and Pepperoni to be exact) these are what I call Bad Boys and when I catch them, I tell them that they are bad boys. They giggle and say they already know. 

!what you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say! You don't have to be perfect to give me fitness advice but I am watching you, and your results.

 So I was a little skeptical about this book because my buddy doesn't eat the best. But I guess he used next question is how he found his drive to read this book in the first place and then loose it to eat pizza now?  (not in the zone diet).... and will he ever find his drive again? We'll see. I hope you find your zone again bro. 

(deep thought: what's the secret to everlasting drive?)

So whatever he bought the book for me and even though I offered to pay he insisted it was a gift, so I thumbed through it a little bit and it looked really interesting. What caught my eye in the book was the Olympic swimmers on the zone who performed better than other Olympic swimmers on steroids.

! This is a performance diet not an appearance diet. The difference is you need to eat a certain way to perform better vs. eating a certain way to look good in front of a camera with your shirt off ! They are close but the zone diet doesn't focus on calories. When you perform you burn a lot of calories. For appearance you manipulate your intake of calories, carbs and fats. Another blog post on that later for my followers who want a six pack for their Facebook profile pic. :) I got you! 

Yes, this is what I was looking for. A way to reach peak performance without cheating so they can't take your hard earned metal away from you. ( Still kinda want that pressurized bed though.... lol I guess I can give up on that dream and now look at food). I still use an oxygen deprivation mask- I'll tell you about that later. (They don't recommend you sleep with one but....)

Thanks bro, this book totally schooled me on food and I am forever appreciative and grateful for this gift. I owe you. Thank you. Really. Thank you so much. This is why its so important to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you! This is 80% of the game right here. You have really helped me out. Personal Trainers need Personal Trainers lol. Now get your life together and get back into the zone! Please stop eating pizza too. You're a bad boy :) 

Confession: I really liked the guy who bought me this book because we have so much in common but it just didn't work out. Seriously it's a one in a million chance we both don't want kids, are in the Personal Trainer field and we both like documentarys. We were also born in the same hospital, partied in the same spots in SF, and are the same age. And now we can both agree on the zone diet. What are you going to do huh? I hope he finds the girl of his dreams.

I use to think running and racing were my drug of choice but I really can't run all day and race all day. (Or can I?) Endorphins are awesome; they are great anti-depressant and mood stabilizer. But I can and do eat all day. 

But when it really comes down to it Running is still my first choice drug- eating to run a lot is my second choice drug that fuels my first choice drug. Confession: I got some addiction issues, running is the only thing that really works for me. I can't even decided which drug is 1st or 2nd- let's just combo them - eating and running are my drugs of choice. When I'm not running- I'm eating, when I'm not eating- I'm running. Like someone said in the book Born to Run- racing is just a matter of timed eating. combo package.

Food is a drug.

 Nutrition is my religion. 
What I eat effects how I will live my life based on internal energy levels. 
I have to eat every day. 
What I eat also effects mood, hormones and overall life experience.

OOOOOHHHH I'm going to have a lot to blog about with this topic.
Getting in the zone- If I could rename this book it would be called "eat the right foods on a regular basis so you wont be a whiny little b*tch; be the head b*tch that everyone wishes they could be and kicka$$"    but I don't think it would sell as much lol. maybe it would you never know.

Here is my summary of the book in one paragraph, broken up for easy online reading.

"The truth is that hormones regulate virtually everything your body does- from controlling blood-sugar levels to the basic survival mechanisms involved in stress, fear and even love.

It turns out that the food you eat has an exceptionally powerful effect on all these hormonal responses; endocrine, paracrine and autocrine. But optimal health is not a consequence of counting calories. It's based on a understanding of the complex hormonal responses that are generated every time you open your mouth to eat.

Food is the most powerful drug you will every encounter. Learning how to control hormonal responses to food is your passport to entering and staying in the zone.

Think of the composition of each meal as a hormonal ATM card that will determine which energy source you are going to use or the next 4-6 hours. Hit the correct ATM code, and you tap into virtually unlimited source of energy- your own stored body fat.

Elite athletic performance is dependent on training and on the consistency of the diet for weeks or even months PRIOR to the race or event. All athletic performance at the elite level is ultimately dependent on adaptation to continued training. At the elite level, all athletes are genetically gifted. They all have excellent training discipline, and they all have great coaches. Diet can play a major role in determining who finishes first and who finishes fifth.

When you think hormonally, you understand that exercise and food go hand in glove; and you want to ensure that the hormonal benefits of exercise are being enhanced, not destroyed, by the hormonal effects of the food you eat.

Eat small meals with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate to fat (mono saturated).

In essence, you're treating food as if it were a prescription drug. Once food is broken down into its basic components, and sent into the bloodstream, it has a more powerful impact on your body- and your health- than any drug your doctor could ever prescribe.

Never go more than 5 hours without eating. (Seriously for me it's like every 2 hours I got to eat something, but I'm really active. I only go this long when I sleep- and according to the zone you are allowed a snack before bed- YES!)

You're only as good as your last meal , and you're only as good as your next meal.

The best time to eat is when you aren't hungry. (this was weird for me at first but now I really dig it :)

Without food, there is no possibility of life. And without some biological system to control how the body uses food, there's no life either. That's where these hormone come in. You have to eat. You might as well eat a diet that's hormonally correct."

The book talks about how much protein you need individually- not some random number that is good for the general population. 

This is you in your body we are talking about here. 

You take your weight and then your hip measurement and waist at belly button measurement and how active you are and put it into a formula to see how much protein YOU need in a day. If you have too much protein you will get fat and if you have too little you will get thin but you need just the right amount for YOU! 

(btw, this is for women only- will do separate blog post for guys to figure it out but I need a guy to blog about and that might take a while so If you want to be my blog guinea pig and example please email me 

Then break it into blocks for the day; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.

All meals are then proportioned out to proteins, carbs and fats.

They really talk about how we are eating in general and how it's too many carbs and it's really bad.

Plus the type of carbs is bad. He talks about how we really haven't evolved to eat grains and just like how grains make cattle fat, they are also making people fat. So instead of grains, bread and pasta as carbs, we should be eating fruits and vegetables.

There is a hierarchy here in food.
I wrote out all the proteins/ fats and carbs that are the best  and that I enjoy eating, Made copies and now it's my shopping list- anything not on the list doesn't come home with me.

I'm getting my hormones tested this month (recommended by my nutritionist) so I can't wait to see how they come out. This creates a baseline of hormones to see how they change in the future. 

It's a Saliva Test- another blog post on this next month; Really for my acne on my chin (hormones!) but bonus if it can test my fitness levels too! 

My facial lady says my acne could be my body purging all the hormones from years of birth control (depoprivera to be exact- it's a hormone that comes in a shot I got every 3 months that pumped my body of hormones to make it think I was in the first trimester of pregnancy- I'm off it now and feel emotionally more stable and just cleaner in general)- well the birth control part is still working since I don't even feel like kissing anybody with my face constantly breaking out all the time. I feel like it's the worst after races so my nutritionist also said it could be adrenal fatigue- another blog post?- I think so! 

Birth control is also considered a steroid and steroids cause acne. 

Everyday my face breaks out I just tell myself I'm happy I don't have kids. lol

Ok let's talk energy level. There is a learning curve to getting in the zone; for me it went like this. 

Yes I'm in the zone (you can feel it) to.... am I still in the zone? I'm getting out of the zone, how do I get back into the zone? Ok I think I'm getting back into the zone. What I just ate got me out of the zone. OK back in the zone how do I stay here? What's my next meal to get into the zone? I'm not starving, should I eat a snack now to stay in the zone?

Finding your zone is the great drug experiment of your life.

It's a great read (it also comes on audiobook) if you are interested in getting in the zone. I highly recommend it. The next book after this is Mastering the Zone... I'm really excited to read it !!!!!!




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