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Monday, February 13, 2017

Cramping SUCKS

So the biggest thing I see in racing is people on the side of the course stretching out their calves.

HAHAHA I laughed in my head as I passed them, telling them silently that the need to take their electrolytes before race day next time. Were talking guys who are body builders that I can pass with my little lean runner body--- the feeling is oh so good. They could probably bench me with one hand.

Knowledge is power buddy.

This was fine until my Feb. Spartan Race partner asked me what he should do when his calves cramp up during bike races.

So I want to blog about electrolytes so I can now tell racers on the side of the course to follow my blog to get the correct information.

So this post is all about electrolytes and applies to everyone, especially in the summer when you are sweating a lot.

Salt, your body needs salt. If you have a lot of white stuff on your shirt around your arm pits and salt coming off your forehead, this is a sign from your body that you need to replenish. If you don't you'll get side cramps, leg cramps, anywhere on your body cramps and you will eventually need to stop.

Stopping is not an option. Preparation is the only way. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

FOOD is your drug.

FOOD with help you replenish so you won't cramp up and you can perform. It doesn't matter if you are doing a trifecta spartan race or just playing ball with the kids or working.

 YOU NEED ELECTROLYTES!! Here is the natural way to get them.

 You can also get them through Gatorade which did help me go to the bathroom on my last trip to AZ. Yes, if you are constipated you should drink some electrolytes too. Second choice if you are in a pinch and they are not for regular consumption- that stuff is crap!

I like coconut water and chia seeds. I get them in bulk at costco but any of these combos will work great. Find what you like and what works for you and then drink it on a regular basis.

Plus I drink a lot of water (up to 80 oz. a day) so sometime the minerals in my body get washed out and water doesn't taste good (your body will tell you whats going on, when you listen and respond correctly amazing things can happen).

So when water doesn't taste good I add salt to my water. Granulated himalayan sea salt that is pink. And drink the water (24 oz H2o to a few pinches to a tablespoon of seasalt - depends how adventurous you feel at the moment) and I'm all good. Believe me you will start drinking regular water again after this concoction.

So before our race in AZ coming up, I told my buddy to try some of these recipes out a few days before the race so he won't cramp up during the race. I'm also taking him food shopping as the first item on the agenda when I get into Phoenix. We are doing 2 races back to back and need to fuel and refuel and prefuel the entire weekend to perform.

The grocery store has everything you need to fuel up.

Moral of the story drink electrolytes, often.

Confession: I also take electrolyte pills before the races (a few days before and day of) as an extra security, I got them from hammer nutrition. I also take a electrolyte accelerator from Vega first thing in the morning before every race. I'm not stopping for nothing.

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