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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2m Sequoia Park Run

Eureka, Ca is about a 2 hour drive north from my house in Piercy, Ca.

6 Rivers Running Club had a race this weekend around Sequoia Park right next to the zoo.

It was free for members, $5 for non-members. (membership is $20 for an individual and $25 for a family until June 1st then its $10 for individual and $15 for family)

They also had a 5 mile race but my foot has been cramping up so I decided to go for the 2 mile with my dad instead.

It was great.
It was a red themed event and almost everyone wore some sort of red something.

The bathroom report.
 A short wait for women.

The men on the other hand had a problem. The toilet wouldn't flush. I overheard this when I was registering and one woman offered her front lawn for the men to go to the bathroom saying she had a great hose. LOL. This is not the conversation you want to be having 30 minutes before the race. I think a well organized race would always have some extra porta potties. Just in case, because shit happens and even though these bathrooms are great for the public, they aren't ready for a couple hundred people at once. Did they make enough to cover for another back up bathroom... I might never know.

Every man that came out of the bathroom looked traumatized. lol.
So signing up was easy. They had white bibs for the 2 mile run and yellow bibs for the 5 mile run.

It was stormy all week but Saturday was clear and slightly cold but not 18 degrees so my boogers didn't freeze this time :)

Super no-thrills race. The starting line was easy to find and really it was just 2 runs around the block plus a little extra. The start and finish line were set up by 2 cones and it said start and finish. If only Oracle had done this!

 And the woman who led us off at the start of the race just had a microphone (she was speaking into the wrong end of the handheld device so the people in the back couldn't hear her. Then someone showed her the correct way of speaking into the hand held device connected to the loud speaker and we were good! She had be using her tools wrong all morning- please practice and get to know your microphone as soon as possible to avoid this embarrassment)

All she said was the race starts at 9:30 and I'm going to say ready, set, go. Simple and to the point. Plus loud enough for everyone to hear.

They had a photographer at the finish line and I recognized him from the half-marathon we did in Weott in Oct 2016. So I figured out our pictures were on the website. YES! Putting it together.

lap 1

They ripped off the bottom of your bib number and put it in a chart when you finish.

lap 2

Finish Time was 17:02 for 2 miles and I came in 13th place. 
I would say thats a PR for me :)

Confession: I ate some steel cut oatmeal before the race and some caffeinated GU. I also ate some steel cut oatmeal after the race. I couldn't sleep all night due to the caffeine in my system but it was worth it for a pR! 

We saw a guy who still had his bib on at the costco tire shop after the race, I asked him what he ate before the race- scrambled eggs with yoke.

Pete had nothing before the race except a drink of water. He placed 30th. 

Now looking at the 5.3 mile finishers.

Ok so I didn't stay around for the 5.3 mile race, but the numbers for this race are recorded for the books. Let's take a look at first and second place for this race. These guys looks pretty identical. They are practically wearing the same outfit. But what makes one guy pull ahead of the other and take first? What did he do differently? What did they eat? You can see the look of defeat in second place in the first picture and you can see first place just killing it in the second picture. WHY? Ok well the age factor can come in 1st place was 18 and 2nd place was 36 years old but they were 4 seconds off! 4 SECONDS! 

Anyways great race and will do again next year!

Here are my 4 saftey pins from the race. I decided to keep them as my race saftey pins. There is no reason to go through God know how many saftey pins in my lifetime when all I need is 4. Here are my 4. The either live on my backpack or they will be used for a bib. They will go through every race with me for the rest of my life. Starting today.

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