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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You are what you eat- meeting with a nutritionist

So when I met up with my 5 minute miler friend, he convinced me that being a vegetarian will make me run faster. We went out for Halloween and he was continually introducing me to his friends that were vegetarian and very "in shape." There was a definate difference between these few guys he was pointing out (vegetarians) and other people at the halloween party (meat eaters) and they (vegetarians) all looked great in their costumes. Yeah, these guys looked HOTTTT. DRIVE!!!!!

Most of their costumes consisted of having their shirts off.

(Deep thought: Do we workout and eat right just to look good in our Halloween costumes, as our alter egos? Does all the work we did for the year come down to 10/31? I will use it as a reference from year to year. How bold you go with your costume will defineatly reflect your workouts you did that year)

Just like in bodybuilding; it doesn't matter what you weigh, it only matters how you look.

He also was telling me about COMPLETE Proteins and made me quinoa/ black beans and red bell peppers for dinner.

I ate that exact dish for a month straight. Which led to my workout partner saying I'm going to die if I don't switch up my meals. I hate cooking and looking up recipes and trying to figure out new meals! If someone SHOWS me how to make something, its going to stick a lot better than reading it. I'm in the contemplative stage with cooking. I can boil water. I don't watch TV.

So I made an appointment with the Nutritionist at Redwood Rural.

She is only there on Mondays and Tuesdays and my appointment was a month out.

Well what changes did I notices with eating complete proteins for a month? I dropped inches off my waist line. How could I tell? Well, first off I was eliminating a lot more in the bathroom. But I always wear my green bike backpack when I run and the bottom strap would always ride on my belly and after 2 weeks of going veg. it was loose! and I was very happy. Belly area is the biggest problem with women, I know, I'm a woman. This is huge!

It's kinda hard to tell if I became a faster runner... By my half marathon times in October and November; my miles were just under 11 minutes but my 5k time in December was 9 minute miles. Yes, that's a difference in time but its hard to compare with a shorter distance run. I think everyone would run faster because the 5k is not an endurance event. Half way through you can see the finish line. I'm not sure I could run a half marathon with 9 minute miles. I'm running another half at the end of January so I think that will be a good indicator. Stay tuned...

Half marathon is 13.1 miles and 5k is 3.1 miles.

Eating veg. definetly makes you feel "lighter" and now if I try to eat meat, it just feels really heavy in my mouth and I can't eat a lot of it. I do eat eggs.

I read up a little bit on complete proteins and the basic gist of it is that you should eat grains, legumes and vegetables all in one day- it doesn't have to be in one meal.

Anywho, my appointment comes around 1/3/2017 and I meet with Gina Paine, CNC, LE. Don't ask me what CNC and LE mean- all I know is she's qualified.

I think Gina is awesome! Anyone who comes to my classes and wants to Personal Train with me will be recommended to Gina first. You can work your butt off in the gym but if you aren't in tune with eating you are wasting your time, and won't get the results you want as quickly. (That's the goal right?) Eating is 80% of fitness! 80% YO! 80%!!!!! EIGHTY PERCENT! 80/100%%%%

In school terms, that's a B. If you want an A in fitness you have to eat right and workout right.

Go see Gina, make an appointment Today! CALL REDWOOD RURAL: 707-923-2783 NOW

Tell her Jenn sent you! Seriously.

How much did it cost me? It was FREE. My favorite F word!

Gina's program is funded by the state (or something of that nature) and it can be seen as a PREVENTATIVE to poor health.

Gina believes in a more Eastern/ holistic approach, where she looks at the whole picture of your life as well as your eating.

My appointment started at 1:20 and I left at 2:45. We went over everything! And she is putting together an athlete meal plan for me when I meet her next 1/31/17 after a half-marathon on 1/28/17. My job until then is to keep a detailed food log of everything I eat in a day for the next month and at what time and how it makes me feel when I work out. We are trying to come up with a race day meal plan as well. I feel on top of my game with this! I could go into a lot more about me and my appointment but who cares? It's me on my own personal journey, reaching my own personal health/fitness and life goals... I'll sum it up for you though- I'm doing good (only because my mom reads my blog and this is what moms want to read in their daughters blogs about meeting with nutritionists lol). Hi mom! Your mom might also like that fact that you are seeing a nutritionist, this is something you can bring up on holidays/family events to make you shine bright like a diamond.

I'm here to motivate and inspire You to go see her.

Because it's your own personal journey that matters most.

When you go see Gina, tell her what you are trying to accomplish and she will help you reach your dreams.


My job is to help you with the other 20%. But I won't be much help until you see Gina.

In grading terms, what grade would you give yourself in Health and Fitness?

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