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Friday, January 20, 2017

Truck Wreck in Piercy and Finding the truck drivers dog

So Thursday I was all set up for class with a new ab workout that I was really excited about and K didn't make it to class. So I called her and she told me that a big rig had crashed right where 101 meets 271 and she couldn't get through.
The driver is looking for his dog and she was going to stay on the scene to help.
So P and I went over to investigate.

(yes I will accept this incident for missing class)

We looked all over 271 but couldn't find the dog.
People went back through out the day to go look for the dog.

I went up to the driver and rubbed his arm letting him know I was happy that he was alive and that he is ok. All he could do was look at me and say please help me find my dog. I said Ok.

So the next day, I went to the Piercy Community Center to get the fire started to teach class and there was the dog on the steps!

I approached slowly and lowered my body to the dogs level. Told the dog I was here to help and was going to get him home and slowly picked the dog up and put him into the car.
Then I called K and asked what to do next.
We emailed Kym Kemp and called the CHP and got in touch with the owner.
We call D and she brought down some dog food, a towel and leash.

I met him in Myers flat. Had the seat warmers on for the dog and the dog ate on the way up.

When the dog saw his owner he jumped out of the car and licked the owner all over his face.

We chatted for a while and parted ways.

Thank you Universe so an easy connection! Thank you for having the dog come to my class that morning! Thank you for making it so easy to connect with the owner! Thank you for letting me be apart of that connection! Thank you for making it easy to post on facebook and let everyone know about it!

An attitude of Gratitude is all you really need in life.

Why was it so easy for me to find the dog? I would have to give credit to my Yoga practice.

In my Yoga classes we go over a final relaxation for the last 15 minutes of the class.
Here we focus on relaxing and letting things come to us at the right time.

I'm guessing the dog was scared and walking up and down the road was not going to attract the dog to you. The dog could of been anywhere that morning. But I attracted the dog to come to me at the appropriate time so I could handle the situation. (Well I would like to think I did but really divine intervention has everything to do with this situation, I just did my thing- putting a dog in a car was really easy while I taught Tabata and Yoga classes) I did this by being in a relaxed state of mind.
This is what I teach everyday to students in the SoHum area.

Life was meant to be easy! In stressful situations it's very important to step away and take a few breaths and come back into the situation making it an opportunity.

Just practicing what I preach....

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